COVID-19 changes

Yes, we ARE open!

Due to COVID-19, we ask you to complete a submit a job form online then send your device to us by post or courier, do not deliver this in person. Visiting our office in person is currently not permitted.

Pack your device in 3-4cm of bubble wrap to protect it and send it to us in a cardboard box (not a paper envelope), include a printout out of the submit a job form, once you complete this, the PDF file will be provided to you to print and include in the box with our address.

Some options to get the parcel collected from you, to deliver it to us are booking a pickup/delivery using:

Our data recovery engineers are not providing face to face customer service at this time, but can still help you via telephone, TeamViewer remote access, email and live chat. We are working hard to help you in a safe, low risk way.

All our staff are working and able to carry out normal work to help you. During this time, we offer free return delivery.

If you have any questions, please phone us on 0800 000 189 before you visit us or if you are at our office.

Thank you for supporting our business!
From the team at Payam Data Recovery