Here are many more testimonials from our past clients

I absolutely loved dealing with everyone at Payam the process was super-efficient and professional and all my data was recovered! My computer was drenched in water and I thought I would have had to pay a fortune to retrieve everything but i was given a reasonable price and quick recovery time. Thank you so much again, really saved me!!

Cayleigh Abel

Thank you to the team of data recovery specialists at Payam. After much despair from seeking recovery services elsewhere and being told my data was unrecoverable, I sought out Payam.

Wished I’d gone there first. They were able to recover all of my irreplaceable valuable information (documents, photos, music files etc) which I thought had gone forever. Very reasonable price too. Excellent work and would definitely recommend Payam to anyone needing their valuable data recovered.

John Schaeffer

I will shout it from the roof tops as to how happy I was with my experience with you. I had lost data from two USB’s which had graduation photos, overseas trips and my father in law who has since passed away.

I had been to three other companies who did not want to know me but fortunately one put me onto you. Your staff was very professional friendly and extremely helpful. The great news is that all photos and videos were retrieved to my absolute delight. Thank you ever so much. I have already sung your praises to my friends.

Verity Coates

I couldn’t be happier with the work data recovery done! I thought I had lost my photos for ever & data recovery brought every one of them back!!

Kelly Watson

Very satisfied. Friendly and reliable service and relatively inexpensive; two other quotes were more than double what I paid for at Payam. Happy to recommend.

Ettore Siracusa

Thought we’d lost 16 years’ worth of our family photo’s…so relieved and extremely happy Payam recovered 100% from our ‘dead’ HDD. Highly recommend Payam’s professional service, keeping us informed along the entire process.

Sean Brennan

I was extremely happy with all aspects of Payam Data Recovery. From the 1st phone conversation to receiving my recovered data. Kane went above and beyond in answering all my questions, and even ran through future backup procedures and appropriate dealings with External Hard Disk Drives. Definitely a happy customer. Thanks heaps guys.

Sharon Roberts

Thank you, I am extremely happy with the data recovery work. I had tried two other computer repair places but neither was able to recover any of my data, Payam recovered the whole hard drive – very very grateful

Vaughan Chitty

Mike and the rest of the Payam team were awesome… they really saved the day when they recovered all of my baby photos/videos after both my NAS and cloud backup failed. Super happy with the service.

Johann Kruse

Payam was recommended by Apple and I was thoroughly satisfied with the service and outcome. I was able to recover my precious memories at a reasonable price

James McIvor

This data recovery completed was for our business’s server. So far it appears to have been 100% successful. Many thanks for saving us months of recovery time.

Craig Lawton

We were superbly happy with your work, it was a job well done. We never have thought we would get our important data back until we came across your firm. The job was completed on time, on budget and nothing was lost. We can’t recommend you enough to our friends! Thank you so much for your help.

Alex Huang

Before dealing with your company I was under the impression that data recovery is a very expensive and troublesome experience to be avoided at all costs. I was referred to you by my IT person, who gave a good report from a previous experience of referring a customer. After receiving an outline of your services I was pleased to discover you offer a range of levels of cost v timeline, so I was able to choose something that met my needs and budget. I was then impressed with the level of service and communication throughout the process. I will not hesitate to recommend you should I come across anyone needing similar help in recovering data. Thank you.

Kent Driver

I am so happy with everything you guys did. I was absolutely devastated when i thought all of the photos of my kids and all of my study docs were gone. You guys were so understanding and compassionate and it was such a relief to know you would do everything you could to save my data.

I was extremely relieved to have over 99% of my data recovered. I would recommend you to anybody and will use you again if needed (fingers crossed I don’t though). Thank you so much!

Talitha Maher

I was so relieved when I found out you retrieved all the data to get my business up & running again.

I was recommended to you by Phillip Chen from Solutions 4, as he has referred others to you always with a positive outcome. I will not hesitate to use your service again if needed & will not hesitate to refer you to others.

Thank you again, you saved me!

Anthony Stokes

All in all I couldn’t have been more pleased with the process. I was quoted over $800 by a local company, who couldn’t promise that it was able to be fixed.

I saw the prices on your website as well as the free quote and no fix no fee offers. Couldn’t have been a better deal. I posted the HDD down along with a spare to move the recovered data onto. I selected the economy option by the recovery was done within a week! Could not have been happier with the whole process!

Stephen Schilg

When I needed urgent access to a couple of the retrieved files, before I had received back the retrieved data on hard disk, your staff sent me an email attachment with the 2 files I needed. They were also able to delay the deletion of your back-up copy of the retrieved data, until I had had a chance to fully check out all the retrieved data on the external hard disk.


Merlin the magician would be impressed Payam’s feat of data recovery. After being told by our IT staff to trash the hard disk as recovery would not be possible, Payam excepted the challenge and delivered 100% of my data back to usable. I went from feeling that my world had ended to jubilation when I strolled through all me files- thank you so much!

Joseph Vitelli

Thank u Payam guys & girls!!! The successful recovery of my treasured & priceless photos was very special. Thanks soooo much.

Carolyn Nankervis

We were very happy with the work done to retrieve the data. There was four years of company work that we desperately needed retrieved and it was done without any fuss

Dave Owens

Once again, Payam demonstrated its technically superiority, outstandingly professionalism, and absolutely reliability.  You turn a disaster into a pleasure every time. You have earned my endorsement and strong recommendation.

Gary Reed

Amazing service from start to end. My drive data was saved! Payam held onto the drive whist I was on holiday, then followed with a call to arrange suitable delivery on my return. I wish all companies were like this.

Ian Mansell

I was extremely happy with the service I received! I thought I had lost my entire university thesis and various other important files when I had spilt tea on my MacBook.

I searched tirelessly for a company that would not only be able to retrieve the data at a reasonable price, but one that I could trust with such personal information. The team at Payam kept me up to date with the progress of my data recovery and managed to retrieve all of my files!

I have already recommended Payam to friends and family -particularly those who are as clumsy as me and just as likely to spill liquid on their computers. Thanks again for all of your help!

Bernadette Marie O’Farrell

I was told: “External hard drive devices can easily get corrupted – especially, if the hard drive is not ejected correctly.”– but, in error, I did this and sure enough my external drive device “DIED”!!!  I went to Apple Store where I purchased the device.

They said:  “Sorry, bad luck; the data is corrupted; nothing can be done about it.”  I was desperate. I investigated Sydney Seagate Service Centres and I tracked down Payam Data Recovery at North Sydney. I took my device there and within a couple of weeks and after paying a very reasonable cost, all my data had been recovered. Wow!!  They achieved the impossible and at every step of the way, they were enormously understanding of my distress & enormously helpful in getting back to being fully operational. Thank You to all at Payam!

Liz Pemberton

I was very happy with both the service and end result.You kept me informed the whole way and I was lucky you could retrieve most of my photos,which had much sentimental value.I feel you do a great job, the only thing I wished I could change was the price, but at least I could split it

Vinnie McDonald

The one thing that I valued most in my business life has been Customer Service. The customer service I received from Lachlan was extremely good, I knew what was happening at all times and the retrieval of my Photos was the highest priority and successfully achieved

Peter Macallef

It was with great relief that Payam Data Recovery were able to recover in excess of 95% of the data on my hard drive. I opted for the cheaper method of waiting but I was impressed with the service given.

Bruce Real

I am happy with the overall service and definitely will use again and recommend to people who need the service.

Eric Chen

My wife and I were extremely happy with your service and with the results. Both staff members we dealt with were friendly and very informative. We were given an honest appraisal of the work required and even an option to suit our budget. That you were able to recover the data we wanted most made the experience all the more worthwhile.

Noel Reyes

Our internal IT team could not recover the data from my hard drive and mentioned you guys as someone who might be able to help out.

You did a great job and on time.

Tony Peters

It was with great relief that Payam Data Recovery were able to recover in excess of 95% of the data on my hard drive. I opted for the cheaper method of waiting but I was impressed with the service given.

Bruce Rea

I was very happy with the service provided from the free and fast assessment to the total restoration of my data on time and at a great price.


I was extremely happy with the services provided by Payam data recovery. Expectation were set perfectly and data was recovered and received promptly.

Elias Hantzis

Excellent service! Very happy with the results. I particularly appreciated the quick 24 hr turnaround on giving me an estimate.

May Lee

I was very satisfied with the job that you guys did. It was quick, easy, helpful and accommodating. As a full-time student, I greatly appreciated the plan of payment I was put on that was offered to All my files were recovered from my drive and I can’t really be any happier. Thank you.

Jamie Dela Rosa

Your service was excellent and I couldn’t fault it. Communication, pricing and the processing timing was made very clear and reiterated a number of times. My dead mobile phone was processed surprisingly quickly and the data I wanted to retrieve was recovered.

Peter Juniper.

You guys did some recovery work for me and I would like to say thank you for your great work. The seed of your work was great and you helped me out on a great price. I would like to thank the team at reception for putting me at ease. Thank you again and I will recommend Payam Data Recovery to all that need recovery work done…….Thanks again

Shane Roberts

My wife and I were extremely happy with your service and with the results. Both staff members we dealt with were friendly and very informative. We were given an honest appraisal of the work required and even an option to suit our budget. That you were able to recover the data we wanted most made the experience all the more worthwhile.

Noel Reyes

Really appreciated the work you did for me and recovering the data on the hard drive.

It contained photos of the first two years of my son’s life and with no other copies and backups of these at the time (I’ve since learnt my lesson) I was grateful for your service and success in recovery most of these precious memory.

Greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

Aziza Ibrahim

I have used Payam in the past and again more recently and it has been a very pleasant experience on all occasions.

They are great at what they do and provide efficient and friendly service.

I would definitely use them again if the need arises and highly recommend them to anyone interested in their services, you will not be disappointed.

Kevin Lam

You are very considerate and charged a reasonable amount for me since i am a student. I really appreciate that! Regarding work, it was good and got done in a reasonable time. Thank you, once again.


Our internal IT team could not recover the data from my hard drive and mentioned you guys as someone who might be able to help out. You did a great job and on time.

Tony Peters

Your services were second to none and I couldn’t be happier.
I hope I don’t need your services in the future, but in any case, I wouldn’t hesitate to return
And to recommend to other people. Keep it up!

Rick (surname withheld)

My WD portable hard disk died off suddenly with no hope to restore. Got referral from a friend for this company and retrieved the important data at ease. Expect the fee would be mega high – eventually fixed at a fee that is acceptable. High recommended company if you got the same problem.

Janise Au

Hey guys, I’m so happy and grateful for all the work you have done. I was afraid that I would have lost everything but you saved all my files. If I have any more troubles I’m definitely calling you guys.

Simone McDonald

Thanks for your help. It had been done in a professional manner, quick &fast ! My customer was extremely happy as he got back all the data he wanted.

Bruce Poon

All went extremely well with the recovery which allowed me to step right back into the position I was in before the big CRASH!

Being absolutely fearful of losing all my data, the reassurance in recovery was very satisfying. Thanks for the service.

David Joscelyne

Just wanted to say thank you for retrieving my data from a very broken USB stick. It had a lot of important information which I would have been lost without.

The whole process was easy and I really appreciated all of your help. I will definitely let others know about the service. Thank you again!

Maryanne Blackman

Hi, i was extremely happy, you recovered all of the videos from our MacBook and especially the one we thought we had lost, a very special and funny video of our son. Priceless!

Karl Balian

Just letting you know that we are very satisfied with your works performed to recover our data after our recent hard drive crash. You guys are truly amazing!

Paul & Debbie Di Lizio

I love your work, it was fantastic service, and should you ever require it I will recommend you to the Pope for sainthood – you have performed miracles and resurrected my hard drive. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone with a data recovery problem.

Joseph Anthony

Very happy with Payam service. I opted for economy option as I didn’t have any rush with recovery. What I liked most is the continuous updates on the status of data recovery. But the most important is the final result, almost everything was recovered.

(Name withheld)

I found that the service I received was better than expected. In fact, it was exceptional. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who may require this service.

David Kinder

Really happy with the data recovery work you guys did for me, so very grateful I got my data back. Thank you so very much, will be backing everything up in the future.

Ria Claassens

I was blown away with the service and could not be happier. I would recommend to anyone!

Anthony A Malelis

Very happy with Payam’s services. Tried the local IT shop, useless! Next time will go straight to Payam.

Su Johnson

Great service retrieved photos from birth of our twins, saved my life.

Greg Humphries

Completely happy 🙂

Russell Lunney

Excellent fast and friendly help – life saving

Brad Flowers

I was very happy with the service received.


Very pleased with your service. Got us out of a potential huge mess.

Colin Higginson

Your work was prompt, efficient and achieved 100% recovery. Excellent work and excellent service.

Wallace McGee

I was happy with all aspects of the service.

Garth Roche

Very happy with the service. Just keep doing what you are doing. It’s great.

Adrien Lang

Your work was great and maybe the only people in Brisbane capable of doing this.

Stewart Routledge

Thank you for your assistance with recovering my data. Your expertise and professionalism certainly got me out of a pickle! Thank you again I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of data recovery!

Amanda Brady

I am eternally grateful that Payam were able to restore almost all that was lost but especially all my family photos from years back, that was priceless.

Chris Finch

I think you did a fabulous job – keep up the good work!

Melanie Becker

I was very happy with the data recovery work performed!

Rebecca Freiberg

I was completely happy with the service you provided recently in recovering data from my hard drive. All the files were accessible and in good order. Thanks again for a job well done.

David Doley

I was really happy with the results! I got all of my missing files back in one piece, which is the main thing.

Diyana Henkel

Many thanks for your recovery work on our seized hard drive. The main point we would thank you for is that even though you had some problems finding a donor drive you kept us in the loop the whole time.

We were so happy to receive our data on the external hard drive as we had many memories of our Grand children growing up. Again, many thanks for your professional service.

Ian and Jan Clarke

We were absolutely thrilled with the results from your data recovery process. You were both professional and a prompt.

You kept us informed with every step and I can’t thank you enough for the results we gained by using your team.

Kerry Mordue

I’m extremely happy with Payam’s service and support. Whilst I picked the cheapest/slowest option, my data was recovered in a very short period of time and certainly exceeded my expectations.

Julian Tullier

I was very happy with the level of service provided to me. I found the frequent updates of the whole process of recovery particularly useful.

Grace Violet Hodder

Extremely happy thanks, was very upset when i thought i couldn’t get this data back as it was 7 years of home movies and important work files, i researched on google and everyone said there was nothing i could do to get past the WD encryption without the chip from my damaged case. It cost less than i thought and it was all done extremely quickly, I’m thankful I gave you guys a go and definitely going to recommend you to anyone that has the same issue.

Haley (surname withheld)

Further to your email regarding the data recovery job you undertook for me, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. Your persistence, skill and professionalism in recovering my data is very much appreciated. While the timeframe blew out and the effort required to recover the data proved to be much more than was expected, you billed me what you initially quoted and kept me informed throughout the process. Thank you again.

Ross Smith

Your service was great and I am very pleased with the amount of data recovered.

Lucy Moxon

Thank you very much for your assistance – I was very happy with your service.

Jane Harvey

“I was really happy. I will recommend you guys!

Tania Pickering

Fantastic job and service. Thank you!

Nicole Attard

I was extremely happy with the work you completed recently! You were able to recover all my work, photos, music and everything I had asked for,  also, every staff member I encounter was very polite and helpful, I will definitely recommend Payam Data Recovery to friends and family

Callie Smallwood

The service and care that was taken during our time of need from having our businesses data corrupted was amazing! It was a stressful time for us but we were put at ease from how professional Kane and Leigh handled the situation. We will always recommend Payam to anyone that requires data recovery services!

Rik Pene

Efficient service, prompt, easy to deal with, understood customer needs, reasonable prices. Will recommend your service in the future.

Kerry (surname withheld)

When my hard drive died I thought I had lost everything but Payam Data Recovery, recovered & saved my stuff very grateful

Tammy Tattam

Very happy with service.

Trudi Tomlinson

The staff was very good and understanding.

Kathy Perry

Outstanding work time and again, no matter how complex the situation. Always keen to work with me on urgent requirements and deliver a quality outcome. Would never recommend anyone else.

Ned Farhat

I am extremely happy with the service I received and outcome of the data recovery. In addition, your staff also recommended an appropriate Synology solution for future backups at home.

Ali Macmood

I was super happy about my data recovery being done early this year. Kevin was very helpful and gave me a lot of advice. Thank you so much!

Aya Yamashita

I was very happy with your work. You were fast, efficient and good value. I will certainly use you next time.

Leon Silver

Very happy with the work performed, all data was retrieved and able to be accessed and copied to the new drive.

The team was very friendly and willing to provide solutions that could meet my requirements and also advised of any potential costs that can occur depending upon the findings.

The process throughout was simple which was good for a task involving data that contained so much sentimental value.

Daniel Rossi

It is quite nervous for me to choose a company to recover my data as you know the data worth a lot, much more than the device itself nowadays, after reading some reviews I decide to choose your company as at least I can come

into your office and talk to someone, I am glad that I did, I can get back most of the data with high quality, apparently from the severe damage of the drive and I am very happy with the result, worth every single cent of it. Thank you.

Jerry Nguyen

I was happy to have my files retrieved. From the outset it was made clear that no guarantee of a successful outcome could be provided. I realised that I may have been wasting money committing to the attempt. Subsequently the data that was able to be retrieved was more than compensation for that which couldn’t. During the process I was kept adequately informed.

Rod Smith

I was very happy with the support and service provided by PAYAM in Perth.
Updates on the progress were consistent and provided progress of the work being done. I even received an email apologising for the job taking longer than normal, are rare customer service you see these days. I’m happy to point all clients to PAYAM for data recovery jobs.

Steven Patterson

Given the nature of my requirements – family photos/personal files that weren’t time sensitive, but absolutely precious – I am very happy with the result, which was a 99.8% recovery – AWESOME!

Stephen Pittman

I was really happy with your service, you not only retrieved all the lost data, you made the whole process really easy and in super quick time! I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Nikki Braybrook

Completely recovered all files from corrupted hard drive. Very efficient service.

Julie Green

My vote is that I thought your service levels were top of the class.

Merv Butterworth

I was rapt with your service and the results. The recovered material is essential to my son’s university course and we were most appreciative both of the results and the reasonable cost of the service provided.

Lloyd Doddridge

I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery Services. Reasonable prices, very professional and clear about the process and payment required if data recovered successfully. Very, very happy to have all our data recovered. Thanks Payam Team.

Glynnis Hearn

Payam was great and recovered my data with no fuss and walked me through every step.

Serge Kraskov

You did a great job from start to finish, and it was very much appreciated.

Besharl Hein

I think You guys did an outstanding job for the amount of work needs to be done within a tight schedule that would be hard to achieve by any competitors in the industry. The most valuable to me is that you guys are willing to do the job with the right equipment to have the work done properly when requested for high priority service. Few in the industry can do so even offered to pay the right money. By this positive attitude, customers will keep coming back to do business with you and I’m sure your business will go very far. Of course, you deserve the fee charged for the work done with quality and professionalism even it can be costly. I was amazed with the knowledge and skills you have for the job.

It is grateful to mention the effort you guys put in to reinstall the windows on my laptop back to its pre-damaged state with a new hard drive, which has been working well ever since. I also received the backup drive with all the data i needed on the next delivery day at my door once the payment was cleared, so i could carry on with my work. It was just as promised without hassle or surprise. The communication in general was good and prompt.

I am happy with the overall service and definitely will use again and recommend to people who need the service.

Eric Chen

I was most impressed with the customer service, the professionalism, knowledge, and the training and education provided by Kevin Harris.

“Kevin me immediately, listened to my problem, advised generally what the problem could be, and the possible difficulties that I could face. Kevin understood my urgency and how it important it was to our business that the data be retrieved.

Kevin, immediately set about identifying the problem, which he did in approximately 10 minutes and explained the process and procedure that was necessary to attempt to retrieve our information. Kevin, is very knowledgeable and was most communicative and really helpful. He also explained how hard drives work, how to protect use them correctly. We had a 100% successful data recovery and I cannot explain how delighted and impressed I am.

The job was completed within a very short time frame and I was kept abreast of all developments all the way through. I will be looking to purchase another hard drive shortly, and will now only deal with Payam Data Recovery. I had a fantastic customer service experience with Kevin who is simply excellent at what he does.

Shane Crawford

The work you did was amazing and I can’t thank you enough, If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have valuable photos. Appreciate it a lot.

Grant Molik

Very happy with the service and result I received from the Auckland office of Payam. Very pleasant staff too. Fairly expensive, but a lot of time was involved, and I bought a new drive at a good price.

Blair Harkness

Thank you, totally happy.

David Pascoe

Awesome Job…Thanks!

Mark Irving

Thanks a lot for your job. We were so happy to have all our data, and the guys who explained to us everything about the work was very nice. Thanks to all these super engineers!!

Great service and exceeded expectations but returning my data 100% intact. Expensive but worth it for years of priceless photos and study records.

Matt Smith

Very happy and please with the result….you guys save day skin as we had heaps of photos and important documents that we could not afford to lose……a job very well done and despite the no need for urgency, it was still completed in a very short time…..

Wayne Harrison

I am very happy with the service and the professional manner. Especially that I wasn’t slugged an exorbitant price when you guys knew you had me by the Sh&Curls. I will recommend you back to Glencore who sent me to you.

Shane Quinn

I am very pleased with the service and completed so quickly.I have already mentioned your service to friends.

Beth (surname withheld)

Payam Data Recovery have successfully recovered data for me twice. I was delighted to get my data back! and very satisfied with the level of communication and service.

Naomi Petersen

Very happy with what you were able to do. The Co-operation was exemplary, prompt and courteous. Thank you very much.

Ron Shaw

We were very happy. The quote for the work was realistic and it was done in the timeframe estimated. We have all our data and we’re happy with the results.

Matthew Scowcroft

I was extremely happy with the work you did for me. Your prompt service and communications about what you were doing were excellent. You saved all my photos,Thank you.

Wendy (surname withheld)

Such a relief to have all of my precious memories returned! Looked around at quite a few places, and no one said they could do it. Was heartbroken, until Payam said they could do it. Thank you Payam!

Laura Le Mercier

My Laptop fell off the desk onto the floor and would not reboot and the disc was unreadable. The information on my laptop was worth many millions of dollars. I was extremely pleased that Payam was able to recover all my data when a normal computer repair company was not able to assist.

Michael Shenton

I am surprised to see how you recover the data and the good communication provided. Initially, I though the data would lost anyway.

Keep up the good work guys.

Sarah Hidayati

I think Payam did a good job with my data recovery situation. I would recommend your service to anyone with a hopeless data loss situation and needs a saviour.

Raghu (surname withheld)

The service was extremely reliable and took the time to explain the problem as well as the solution. Very accommodating and friendly. Would definitely recommend.

Kircy Jong

Very happy with service. In this information age, knowing that such a service is available is quite comforting

Robert Ceic

Very happy with the service and end result.

Neil Robertson

Thank you for your work in recovering the data on the damaged hard drive. We were pleased with the results and will recommend your service to others.

Harry Brayshaw

The service was fantastic. Excellent Price for tape destruction. Staff very helpful and great to deal with. Would definitely recommend and use you guys again.

Jay Eaton

I am happy to say that Gray Anderson, the person I dealt with from start to finish, was friendly and professional throughout the process. I was kept informed every step of the way. All the data was recovered promptly and without fuss. I would recommend Payam data recovery service to anyone who have hard-drive problem.

Sam Diep

My hard drive died, the IT company I use could not recover any files. Panic, we run a business from home, many years of data etc gone plus all my precious photo’s. Layne, my IT specialist took it into Payam, they recovered all, in a timely &, efficiently manner, great service, would 100% recommend them. I owe them super good. WELL DONE THANK YOU

Bernie McComish

The service was great, and all my data was recovered very quickly. Would definitely recommend to people!

Arshin Zaman

We were very happy with the service of taking a hard drive array set and restore all of the data for our client.

(Full name withheld)

I’m very happy with the data recovery work done. Overall, it was a great service provided and I will definitely recommend it to others.


I was very pleased (and relieved) that Payam were able to recover all the data from my ‘dead’ external hard drive. A very quick and efficient service – thank you.

Alan Johnson

The service was excellent. The team at Payam Data Recovery was happy to work around my needs and requests to make it happen.

Lydia von Rönge

Very pleased with your service. Got us out of a potential huge mess.

Colin Higginson

I am surprised to see how you recover the data and the good communication provided. Initially, I though the data would lost anyway. Keep up the good work guys.

Sarah Hidayati

Thank you for your professional service from the first enquiry to the end result of my Data being successfully retrieved. Your staff are polite, very helpful and go the extra mile to help customers. If I ever need you services again I would not hesitate as I know my Data is in safe hands. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone that needs that special data saved from a crashed hard drive. Thanks once again.

Debora Lewis

I was extremely happy that you were able to recover my lost data (photos). I think they are pretty much 100% all there. I never expected to see the photos again after I had let an incompetent company have first go. I wish I had found your company sooner. If I ever have another lost data situation, I know where to come and will certainly recommend your company to any friends in need. Thank you very much

Noela Read

I am writing this email with the intention of highlighting the spectacular service I have received from all of the staff at Payam Data Recovery, who helped me even beyond their duty, psychological, economic and personal level.

I really feel fortunate to have received such a magnificent professional help and special treatment as has given to me.

Thank you once more for the time, advice and great service I received from such wonderful company and such high-quality professionals with such strong and high human value.

Thank you so much for your great help and unique service.

Jhon Duque Ortiz

OMG! I have just gotten back my lost files that were inadvertently deleted when we changed a mail server across recently …….. Now I was told that to recover a .pst or an .ost file was not possible ……Or highly unlikely to recover any useful data. Yes the guys at Payam data recovery had my PC for 10 days – but to look at the recovered files and see that 90% plus of my lost email data was recovered was extraordinary – yes 12 years of client communication was recovered from a hard drive and file type that shouldn’t of been recoverable.

These guys went not only an extra mile they circled the globe finding a solution to recover my lost data – the value of their work is far far outweighed by the cost of what I would of lost in client records. You would be stupid to allow anyone else to attempt to recover your precious data.

Duncan Yelds

I had a great experience when a NAS enclosure failed. PDR were able to quickly ascertain that the disks and associated data were intact, and recovered all data, whilst keeping me informed of the progress.. Great service. Well done

Duncan Marshall

My 1T external hard drive failed while I was backing up!  There were over 25 jobs in there, the hard drive was not working … I was in a panic in my clients needed there images for an upcoming publication!!!  Thank goodness for these guys!! Superb team who found all the data and in record time!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Magdalena Lapcevic

Just had my drive recovery from them, they saved my life! They are not the cheapest in town but I can say they are the best, if they can’t fix it, I don’t think anyone else can. A BIG BIG thank you!

Franky Tsang

Best data recovery service ever!! Don’t risk it to others, they’re overpriced and sucks! I had a hard disk broken, dead by shock, and I took it to them. They gave me a quote in 24 hrs, and started the job. It was a very hard thing to recover, as it had severe damage. It took longer than expected, however, they recovered my precious, priceless data! Payam data made my (not day), life! I even wanted to pay more than the cost! Don’t risk on other companies, best experience ever. I’ve recommend this to everyone. They can do the impossible!!! Friendly service, and always keep me update of the status. Highly recommend it. If you have loss data, don’t risk other, take it to the pros, Payam Data.

Ian Leung

Because of this company, I was able to retrieve priceless videos & photos from my iPhone 5S, which was damaged from salt water contact. I took it to them several months after the water incident and they were still able to recover everything. Their service was top notch and I’d highly recommend their service!

Ook Tong

Payam Data Recovery provides a great service when important data has been lost. I’ve used them a number of times while repairing PCs and servers for people. On each occasion Payam have recovered the data of damaged hard drives. If needed, they have worked through the night and returned data quickly. While it is not a service that you ‘want’ to use, if you ‘need’ data recovery, then Payam will help.

Conrad Smith

We are an Australian charity involved in overseas aid. All our media (video, images) for the past 6 years had been moved to an external hard drive – which then failed. Local experts referred us to Payam after being unable to recover data. Lachlan made the process of sending the disc easy and was at all times attentive, clear and professional about options. The eventual cost was beyond our means. Knowing we were a charity, Payam offered to recover the data at a substantially reduced cost and put it onto a complimentary hard drive. You guys are great!!!!!! Thank you

John Cassey

To Wes and your team at Payam, I would like to say thank you for recovering my hard drive with all my photos and personal information on it. The service and professionalism you and your team showed is outstanding, and I will let all know!!!

Steve Gellyn

Understanding, efficient and quick service. Mark very knowledgable and was able to assist me by retrieving my ‘lost’ information from a time capsule with patience and ability. Thank you.

Kirsty Walker

Very happy with the service, especially as I was so stressed! Payam were able to recover everything I had lost and even got my Time Machine working again so I could restore everything back onto my computer. Thanks

Katherine Wall

It took a little time, but every moment was worth it. They were very professional and kept me posted along the line as to what was happening. Recovered all my data, allowed me to pay over instalments. Took a bad situation I created and made it better. Highly recommend for data recovery, these guys know their stuff.

Paul Julian

I had lost my data after asking in Canada and Dubai none could do the job when I found Payam they did an excellent job for me I recovered more or less everything. I can’t thank them any less as I had thought I won’t ever be able to recover anything back. I had basically all the pics and videos if my son so I’m very happy to have recovered quite a bit thank you Payam they have lovely staff and lovely support they keep u posted at every stage what they are doing till the last moment which is very good thank you once again a very happy satisfied customer of yours I would definitely recommend you to many others!

Rabia Din

Great service! Payam data not only recovered all critical data possible but they also kept us updated with progress along the way. Thanks – have already recommended you to a friend.

Angela Giagodi

I had a failed RAID pair and a backup drive that died in the same week – the perfect storm. Payam in Sydney recovered everything for a really reasonable cost.

Daniel McLoughlan

Fantastic! Clearly explained the steps and options and then over delivered. Don’t waste your time (and money) with anyone else.

Lindor Jonuzi

Had a WD My Book Live that stopped working after 3 years. Had about 700GB of data on it. Payam informed me initially that the disk was full of bad sectors and they proceeded to recover all the files. Great job.

Nick Ni

So impressed, not only were they able to recover all my data but they are extremely professional. For free, they quoted me a price within a day and took into account my student status. Additionally, they showed me how to access all the recovered data and called me back a week later to see if everything was alright. Don’t bother with mac medic or apple care, Payam Data Recovery is definitely the way to go!

Katherine Pearce

I had a burned out board on my desktop hard drive with 60Gb of data – they managed to repair the board and transfer to the data to my external drive and didn’t do anything with the old drive until had confirmed that it was safe to do so.

I opted for the “economy” service which took around 3 weeks, however that was over the Christmas period too. Great service.

Alex Okill

Friendly staff, perfect services. My 500GB hdd has MBR corrupted and I tried couple of recovery software but unsuccessful. I brought it to Payam Data Recovery with very little hope but they help me to recover everything. I would recommend this service to my friends.

Brad Cann

Kane from Payam Brisbane was great and easy to deal with. They definitely know what they are doing and have all the advanced tools and fancy software which can talk to the drive’s firmware directly to recover nearly any faulty drive. In our case our sata hard drive would turn off during data recovery with r-studio and reply with CRC errors. They managed to recover all the data on it and clone it 1:1 to a new drive that was bootable.

Great job, reasonable pricing. And the person you talk to is actually the person who does the recovery so you don’t talk to a clueless front desk person. They are definitely one of the best in their field and this is coming from an IT specialist with 20 years experience.

Adrian Chitoni

Payam recovered 100% of some crucial footage for our film shoot that was next to impossible to reshoot for our feature film project.

Total professionalism, great pricing and superb communication, if you need data recovery services, go to these guys first!

Shane Anderson

A very genuine company that cares about its customers. Their obligation-free quote is exactly that, obligation-free and with no hidden charges. They were able to recover all my data from my corrupt HDD at quote price and within the timeframe, whilst displaying great professionalism and prompt responses to my queries.

P.S. Shoutout to Kane from the Brisbane office for his professionalism.

David Crofts

Great staff and very helpful. They have recovered data for me a number of times.

Keith Adams

After a trip to Italy for my 1st overseas holiday my CF memory card suddenly stopped working. Payam got over 4000 of my photos back for me after the manufacturer’s tech support told me nobody could help and to buy a new one. I’m so happy they could help! Thank you so much!

Holly McNamara

My wife’s boss recommended Payam to me when our small business server crashed. We lost 5 years of invoices and accounting info without any backup. I called and Wes was very helpful on the phone and when i dropped it off in the city i spoke with Gray. Everyone was really helpful and told me the costs upfront. I got everything back for less than i expected in a week. Great service from a company i hope i will never need to use again, i am backing up religiously now.

Sam Joseph

After my kids knocked my external hard drive off my desk it hit the ground really hard. I thought everything was gone after my local computer techie could not help. I’m glad i Googled for data recovery and found Payam. They were in the city and got everything back in a few days. Very calm and good listeners when i was so stressed out.

Michael Clarke

Payam did what I needed in good time and with good communication.  Thank you.

Craig Gill

Fast, friendly, efficient service, clearly priced on the web page. Conveniently located in the centre of town. Offered to keep a copy of data until I have created my own back-up. Great communication throughout. Seamless operation. Thanks!

E Kosa

Splendid service, recovered a difficult hardware issue for a reasonable price.

Dave Romney

My experience with Payam was extremely satisfying. The service provided by the staff at Payam from my initial email inquiry and throughout the process was highly professional and exceeded my expectations of service. Staff responded too promptly to emails and returning phone calls, regularly provided feedback regarding progress of my data recovery and bent over backwards to assist me when I collected my recovered data and answered all my questions in layman’s terms. Thank you to all.

Stanley Campbell

Brilliant Service! Rescued precious data I thought was gone for ever!

Melanie Avion

This company, Payam, is fantastic. They recovered all my data within the week and the service was impeccable. I was well informed throughout the whole process of how my job was progressing and since this was the first time I had to use this type of data recovery service this gave me peace of mind. The technician, Wes, at Payam, was very professional and his communication with me was perfect via telephone and email answering all of my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend using Payam for data recovery as my experience with this company was excellent. They turned a potential data lost nightmare into a pleasant experience, what more can you ask. Thanks guys, great job!

Ziata Guitars

Excellent service and in a timely manner – i.e. straight away. I would recommend these guys to anyone and I would definitely use them again should the need aver arise again which I hope never does!

Albert Spickler

My experience with the Payam was extremely satisfying. The service provided by the staff at Payam from my initial email enquiry and throughout the process was highly professional and exceeded my expectations of service. Staff responded promptly to emails and returning phone calls,regularly provided feedback regarding the progress of my data recovery and bent over backwards to assist me when I collected my recovered data and answered all my questions in layman’s terms. Thank you to all.

Trevor Hewitt

After my QNAP has stopped working I called Seagate tech support as the hard drives were made by them. They told me the only place to go in New Zealand was Payam. I’m glad I did – they got all my family photos back at a much lower price than I expected. I have already told the IT guys at my work about them.

Caryn Maloy

I called Western Digital tech support last month after my WD MyBook stopped working. They told me to try Payam and I’m glad I did. They were so helpful and got all my documents back fast. Was cheaper than I expected and the guys were very helpful when I was panicking. Thanks a million!!

Tommy Neilly

I was in tears when my USB flash drive snapped in half. Another data recovery company had it for 3 days and said it could not be recovered. Payam Data Recovery told me they recovered it using a chip off method that not many other places could do in the world. I believed them as i got all of my data back about 5 days later. I hope i never need data recovery again but i would definitely recommend Payam data recovery.

Karl May

I had 8 corrupted Vmdk files for our company Vmware server that crashed. Vmware tech support and another data recovery company could not help us. Payam data recovery extracted the contents of the files in 1 day using their urgent service. It was worth it – 200 staff are back to work now! Thank you so much, you saved my bacon!

Larry Gray

Thanks to Payam I’ve been able to recover photos I haven’t seen for years! They were on an old laptop hard-drive and I didn’t expect to set anything, but they managed to get it all. Service was also much quicker than expected.

Devan Massey

WD My passport USB fell off my table last month. After 2 PC repair shops could not help, I called WD support in the USA and they told me to go to Payam. They saved everything for me for only $275. Very helpful and friendly service, Thanks for your help!

Kathleen Hanitti

When a SSD Hard drive fails it is always a concern about whether data will be recoverable or not – luckily Payam were able to get all of our required files back off the drive, and at a very good price. Communication along the way was spot on also, would definitely recommend them!

Brad Will

The best customer service I have had for years. Caring, helpful and they went the extra mile to reassure me when I was freaking out after my server crashed. RAID-5 data recovery was done faster than expected. Happy to refer you to my friends.

Ceasar Joseph

So thrilled you could get all of my baby photos back after my 2 year old dropped my Mac Book laptop on the ground. So happy I found you after my Apple guy said it was impossible. Awesome service!

Claire Ammerman

Wow! You saved 10 years of my kids photos from birth to school. I was devastated. After calling Western Digital support they told me to give you a call. I’m glad I did. Awesome service.

Jennifer Baxa

When my Intel SSD stopped working after it went to sleep one day, I googled data recovery and Payam were the first to get back to me. They recovered everything for $600. Worth every cent. Easy to deal with.

Bennie Gordon

When a SSD Hard Drive fails it is always a concern about whether data will be recoverable or not – luckily Payam were able to get all of our required files back off the drive, and at a very good price. Communication along the way was spot on also, would definitely recommend them!

Matthew Cooley

I called last week and spoke with Kevin. He was so helpful on the phone. I passed on Payam’s contact details to my client to deal directly with them.

Phillip Busch

My hard drive fell off a desk last week. After talking to 2 other data recovery labs – Payam was the most helpful on the phone. They were the only company who gave me a fixed price and were recommended by Western Digital in New Zealand.

Ceasar Levine

Fantastic! Great help!! Friendly service, recover 90% data back, enable our company get back to normal in a short period of time.

Sheryl Moore

IMAC HDD failed, they got the data back fast, plain and simple. Pretty easy to get there (Queen street) Great service, Great guys! We recommend them highly!

Anika Parks

Simply the best 🙂

Frederic Lai Tham

My external hard drive fell off a desk and started clicking. 3 computer shops could not help. Payam Data Recovery gave me a quote in a few hours, and fixed it in 1/2 the time they quoted me. Excellent customer service! I was impressed and best of all, I got my honeymoon photos back.

Matthew Van Zijl

After being quoted by a competitor almost double the price I decided to give these guys a go. Not only was I blown away by the helpful advice shown by the staff I was also relieved to hear that it was going to cost a fraction of the price original stated. These guys are the real deal! Unfortunately in this type of business there are many sharks that are eager to take advantage of people in a compromising position. I implore people to please shop around before rushing into anything and these guys for myself were by far the most helpful and best value for money. I highly recommend these people to anyone who has found themselves in the terribly difficult situation of losing valuable data.

James Cowan

Sent them my thumb drive and got it back with all data recovered within a week. Keith was brilliant and took the time to go through what was recovered prior to me paying.

I had actually sent my thumb drive to Technetics Data Recovery a month earlier. Got some crap story about it being difficult to recover and wanted to charge me in excess of $1500 to recover 10 Power Points.

Payam were quicker, more engaged and a 1/4 of the price.


Recovered all my data from water damaged iPhone & damaged Laptop HDD. They wont let you down. Professional and efficient.


Brought in both my 2 TB Segate HDD’s gave them to Mark at Payam Data Recovery in St Kilda where he only took couple of days to diagnose my problem which i found to be amazing as they had completely stopped working turns out a simple pcb fault on the drives was nothing that he could not handle and in only 2 weeks he managed to save all my files on both drives 100% for a cheap price i was so very impressed with the time and professionalism mark has showed every step of the way 10/10 would Highly Recommend this service.


Thought my old hard drive was all but lost. Payam managed to save it in an efficient inexpensive manner. Very impressed!


Discovered my USB had a unrecoverable error preventing me from accessing my substantial client files. Most IT people I spoke to said I’d be unable to recover anything. I took the device to Payam and they were able to recover every file. Craig and the team are AWESOME and I’ve shared my experience with many to date. Great to find a tech service that delivers on what they promise. I will continue to share my great Payam experience. Thanks Craig.

John N

The team at Payam retrieved data from my very sick MAC laptop and an old hard drive (from 2003 !!!) I can’t thank them enough. I now have all my children photo’s that I thought were long gone and all the files for my business. I can’t recommend this company enough.


Time capsule backup seemed corrupt so rang Payam. Mark patiently assisted me, initially over the phone and then quickly helped me when I visited Payam’s offices. Excellent service.


Fast Prompt and delivered what other companies said was impossible! High Recommended. I have been recommended their service to everyone in a similar situation. Can’t fault their service.


Great service. Recovered all my files. The process was clear and informative. Was not quite willing with the price that was initially quoted but with the discounts that were available (really helps for a student) and the outcome, money well spent.


My experience was nothing less that perfect. Great Service, seamless process and great outcome.

The guys were able to recover 200GB worth of critical Data from a MacBook Air device.

All in all a positive experience.

Thanks a lot


What can I say about Payam. Excellent, fantastic, specialized in their field. These are few that come to mind. This is the second time I have called upon their services and once again they have proved why they are a leading data recovery business. They have knowledge and expertise to explain why the hard drive had failed and the recovery of the lost files is second to none. Once again thank you for your work. I think this time I will take your advice and do a backup just in case. Thanks Keith.


I thought I had lost all my photos off my phone, some with such important personal memories and totally irreplaceable.Payam staff did such an amazing job and retrieved my photos.The compassion and thoughtfulness I was treated with through this whole procedure was exemplary and I would never hesitate to recommend Payam.

Dayle M.

Upon discovering Payam online, and experiencing issues with the manufacturer of the external hard drive, I was reluctant that the data on my device would ever be recovered.

Payam took the time to explain step by step the process, and showed visibility the whole way through.

A special thank you to Lachlan and Keith for all their help and assistance.

I have no trouble in recommending Payam to anyone that has a faulty device and is in need of recovering the valuable data.


Our 4 drive business storage device had been unsuccessfully backing up for over 6 months (without our knowledge). Upon a second drive failing we finally became aware of the issue. With the failure of the second drive, access to all server information was unavailable.

With six months of valuable information no longer available we put our trust and hopes in Payam Data Recovery. We invested in a quick turnaround and were not disappointed. We are now back on track with all information recovered. Thank you for saving our bacon!!!

Clements Clark

A while back I had a PC which had a power supply failure that took out the motherboard, all adapters and all three hard drives. Payam took a look at the drives and indicated that with board-level repairs there was a good chance that all the data would be recovered and this is exactly what happened.

The data on the drives was useful but I didn’t need it urgently so I took the economy service option.

Payam kept in touch regularly and all data was returned on a drive I supplied.

Very pleased with the service.

The cost of the service i s not trivial so I guess you have to weigh up the cost of the work with the value of the data and the likelihood of recovery but in my case the recovered data was worth much more to me than the cost of recovering it so I’m very happy.

Dieter Jansen

I was told that the likelihood of even recovering my external hard drive was 20-30% from another person………. but when I took it to Payam they told me they would try their best – and boy did they deliver – They recovered 91% of my lost data – and this was amazing considering I thought I would not have a hope in actually recovering it at all – The team at Payam were beyond Fantastic and I can’t thank them enough = I will definitely be using them again if I am ever in a situation like I was.

Scott E

I fried my hard drive by plugging in the incorrect power source. Devastated as I was I gave Payam a call and was told the price of recovery which initially shocked me, but then I started thinking if I get back the thousands of videos and tens of thousands of photos that it was definitely worth doing.

Payam staff were very professional from start to finish and when they called me to say that they had recovered 100% of my data I was over the moon. I would recommend them to anyone and told them I would write a review as I was very impressed with their service

Allan Jones

I recently had a failure of my hard drive containing about two year’s data from my business. Thanks to Payam Data Recovery the data was recovered quickly and completely to minimise the disruption. I can only say that I would recommend Payam to anyone with a similar problem because of the efficient and friendly service they provided.

Warren West

The North Sydney branch retrieved some valuable data that was extremely important from a CF card. It was a hardware/circuit issue so I Got told 3 quotes and depending on the problem it would be anywhere between $220 – $700+

I was ready for worst case scenario and wouldn’t have know any better so they could have said $700+ and u would have paid no questions but they were honest and told me it was a minor hardware issue and charged the minimum $220.

In addition from ongoing correspondence via phone and email, what really impressed me was their honestly and genuinely wanting to help.

Would definitely go back (fingers crossed I won’t need to) but it’s got to know there are pro’s out there who can help in a what seems like a useless situation.

Marlon Simmons

Between Xmas and New Year the hard drive failed on my desktop pc and unfortunately I forgot to backup some very important business files. I contacted Payam and got a great quote and they were able to recover 100% of my data-all in less than a week of dropping the hard drive off. Very happy with the service provided by Kane-look no further if this happen to you-very professional service.

Tony B

I suddenly encountered a problem with my portable HDD which became inaccessible. I have more than 500GB very important data on it. Thanks to the help from Payam Data Recovery, I finally got all my data back. This is really professional service with perfect output. I’m very satisfied.


My external hard drive with all my important personal data, photos and videos just didn’t boot up one day when I plugged it in it was working the day before and suddenly stopped working the next. I then took it to my local computer shop in Mandurah who tried to recover the information for me and said that it was most likely that all my data was lost and suggested I try Payam Data Recovery Services in Perth as they were the best in the business but they also did warn me that their services were not cheap. PAYAM in Perth attempted to recover my information however, it had to be sent on to the Sydney Recovery Centre. I can’t remember how long the service actually took but I was so happy in receiving the phone call saying that they had managed to recover everything! FANTASTIC! I was so very grateful. I doubt any other place could have done the job they did, and you certainly can trust that they will do the best job possible. This however was back in January this year. You would think that this could not happen TWICE in one year and to the same person. However, in May this year, it happened again. This time the newly recovered hard-drive got zapped by lightning all I know was that the hard drive got really hot and then nothing. I went through the same process as before, going firstly to the Perth office who in turn sent it onto Sydney .. And what magicians they are at the Sydney Recovery Centre. They managed to recover the information for me once again. I can’t thank you all enough!! It’s very obvious to me now to always go to the best place first. It’s worth it. If your data is important to you pay for the service DEFINITELY GO TO PAYAM DATA RECOVERY SERVICES!!!!


Awesome service and great people. Thanks Paolo.

Everything is taken

After the death of my daughter, I had been all over Sydney and QLD to find someone who could recover the photos of my precious girl. The service I received was phenomenal and I would recommend them to anyone.

Annette Mi

Thank you for your excellent work, after 3 attempts of trying to recover my photos from my iPhone which I had dropped in the toilet and just stopped working, Payam were able to recover everything from my very dead iPhone!!! Excellent customer service!!! Thank you so much!!!!


Thank you for the excellent work. You had saved my all data from being lost.

Stuart Morley

Very professional, helpful and effective. I would highly recommend their data retrieval service. They recovered all my data and provided very useful advice. A number of sources recommended Payam as the best in the business and now I know why.


Best service yet for retrieving data removed in error. Great advice, professionalism and care. Thanks heaps Craig.

John Hipwell

A great service. We had told by another place (who had been otherwise really helpful at repairing the computer) that they could not retrieve the data. Craig at Payam not only recovered it all but then was so helpful at helping us reload it onto our new system. Very grateful for their service.

Victoria – Melbourne

Fantastic service. Craig was very helpful and prompt. Kept you updated along the way. Would highly recommend their services.

Joel P

I had my USB break on me in the most random of ways and it basically had my professional life saved on it! So after desperately calling a few computer places I found Payam and Craig in the Melbourne office was fantastic. He kept me up to date with the process and he managed to recover almost everything! Was fabulous! I couldn’t ask for a better result. Some of you may be put off by the pricing, but honestly once you get back all of your data, you won’t even think about it!! Highly recommend Payam!!


The staff was friendly and very professional. The most amazing part is they delivered as promised.

Mitch Graham

They are very honest and responsive, and the cost was very fair. I’m glad that I took my very important hard drive to them.

Vangie Taylor

My hard drive suddenly stopped working. Visited several recovery companies and finally found Payam. Payam did a great job and recovered all my data. They also gave me a very reasonable price. Thank Payam!

Brad Corey

Payam and the team brought my dead drive back to life and at a very reasonable price! Friendly, straight-forward and recovered all of my data in the time frame they promised.

Robert Gepford

This service is expensive but it is worth the money if you really need to recover your important data.

Anh D.

I would highly recommend Payam to anyone that has had a hard drive fail. It was the worst feeling when it happened but the guys sorted it out with no fuss. Above all else I appreciated not being taken for a ride to get priceless family videos back.

Paul Barber

Payam was very effective, efficient and professional in recovering all data from my MacBook Pro, good Sydney location and open to meet post business demand, (till 6pm), worth a try every data issue time!

Geoff Wells

They did a great job recovering all my files. What a relief!! Very glad I found Payam. Happy Customer 🙂

Donna Bonnel

Our business has recently started utilising the service of data recovery that Payam offers. They are a very professional unit and work seamlessly with our end users. On each occasion Payam has been able to complete full data recoveries. Thank you!

Matthew Keith

I have used Payam a number of times and they have always been friendly, accommodating to my needs, and best of all, successful!

Even when we accidentally deleted some family photos off an external hard drive (they weren’t even in the recycle bin) Payam recovered all the photos.

John Stericker

I lost important data on a memory card and my friend recommend Payam to me. They got quick response and successfully rescue my data. Thanks again Payam!!

Megan Hobson

Great service. I got all the data recovered within days and the cost was acceptable. It is good that the NAS manufacturer LaCie knows their service and it is on their recommended list. It’s a good wake up call I need to do dual backups. 🙂

Tee Harris

After visiting an apple store and learning my Macbook Pro had bad sectors I researched data recovery and tried Payam. They have managed to recover every file I needed, Including more than 2000 priceless photographs. I highly recommend them.

Eric Fariss

What looked like a hopeless case when strip hard drives failed, was turned around, and for a reasonable price all data was recovered – well over 200 GB. Well done!

Vinny Corey

In this age of diminishing service and the usual response… Computer says no.. isn’t it refreshing to find someone who is really helpful. I just wanted to say how absolutely blown away I was by Craigs help. His commitment to finding a solution to my backup problems was brilliant. I cannot thank him and Payam enough. Brilliant all thanks to Craig. Craig and Payam is a service I can definitely recommend. 10/10 Many Thanks.

Mike Quigley

Brilliant service founded on real expertise in the field – this is rare in this day and age. Here’s to Wes and Payam!

Geoffrey Jakes

Payam really delivered exceptional service in what was a very critical situation for me. A lifetime of photos were gone as were all my accounting records. They retrieved all my data in a timely manner with professionalism. Highly recommend! A++++!!

Stanley Armstrong

Payam saved seven years worth of our family photos. They extracted data where others had failed, did it in a short turnaround, offered a great price and were very positive to deal with. 100% recommend!

Chad Jason

Having had a near panic attack when my Lacie hard drive decided to crash and burn with unknown data on it. I was very happy when guys at Payam Data Recovery said “No worries” and recovered it all. Fantastic service, highly recommended!

Jessica Hoffman

I was highly impressed with the prompt and efficient service provided by PAYAM. I received updates from the consultant I dealt with exactly when I was told I would. My USB flash drive stopped working and I was at risk of either losing a great deal of personal and work data, or paying exorbitant sums of money in order to recover it. In comparison to a lot of other quotes that I got PAYAM was reasonable and I got all my data back. I highly recommend their services.

Devyani Rangnekar

Excellent service from Wes, customer was very happy with the recovered data and we got back a lot more than we were expecting to – most of which was 100% – except random images missing data due to the initial disk failure.

Rich Karlyn

I recently moved states and regrettably I didn’t backup my HDD, thankfully Payam was around to recover what I thought was lost, double thumbs up for sure and if I ever have the trouble again I’ll be back for the excellent service and great people at Payam Brisbane!

Klaus Hooper

I too was bitten by the “why didn’t I backup my data!” regret. I thought 14 years of photos, music and business files were simply dead and gone until I discovered Payam. Great service, 100% of everything restored. It does cost, but worth it! Thanks

Beth Ammerman

Was really thrilled that Payam were able to recover all my data from my broken hard drive. This was done in a really timely manner and I would recommend this company to everyone who was in the same dilemma. Would most definitely use them again.

Heather Donovan

Great experience with Payam Data recovery! My hard drive packed up 4 years ago, and the team at Payam fixed it!! Bloody amazing. They were professional, efficient and surprisingly affordable. Highly recommend these blokes. They even got payment plan for the poor folk like myself.

Paula Monteith

I highly recommend this business, the people were down to earth and straightforward with me, after being quoted 2k to recover my things on my laptop and being charged $90 to hear this from Geeks2u, Payam were heaven sent! They have me a realistic price and timeframe, I could not have been happier! I would not at all hesitate recommending them to anyone, at least you know what they say to you is what they mean without taking you for a ride. Thank you so much!!

Steve Jones

After my hard drive died – I was in shock, as I didn’t have a back up. A friend recommended “Payam data recovery”, as they were able to recover my documents, photos and data… My problems were solved.

Michael Bachelder

The server we use to store all our small business files blew up and Payam were able to do a full data recovery. They were fast, professional and communicated clearly throughout the process. Highly recommended.

Amy Mault

We recently had our hard drive crash on our server at work!!  Payam data recovery were magnificent!! They retrieved all our data in a fast turnaround. We would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Joel Ricci

I was quoted almost $2k, told parts needed replacing and it would take 4 weeks. Luckily I found Payam! They were a quarter of the price, nothing needed replacing and they were time efficient. These guys saved our business. I would definitely recommend!

James Barret

Losing our overseas holiday photos was devastating. Finding Payam data Recovery in Brisbane, who recovered every photo, was an absolute “God send”. A million grateful thanks Guys. well Done!

Philip Sagerine

Excellent service done by Wes. All data was recovered and saved to a new hard drive and completed in good time and returned to me. Only having to pay if able to recover data. Thank you.

Paula Tripp

You only pay if they can recover your data, that was a big selling point for me. The process from start to finish was an efficient one and they managed to retrieve 100% of my data. Great website also. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Kristen Sager

Absolutely brilliant. Gray at the Perth office is a lifesaver. Quick quote , quick service. Walked in with tears as my whole world crashed on an external hard drive and walked out with a smile. Highly recommend this company.

Colleen Marlow

We thought we’d never see our photos again. We don’t regret paying the money. We should recommend Payam to others and we are pleased that the job was done very quickly too.

Eddy Hartnet

Clear, thorough and friendly communication throughout the process. They listened carefully to my needs and successfully recovered data for the lowest cost possible and in good time. Very impressive service.

Tony Robbis

Successfully unlocked my old HTC phone. So happy old photos were recovered. Service is very quick and price is reasonable. Will definitely use your company again when needed.

Stephen Brewer

Excellent service! Wes in Adelaide saved my whole hard drive! The recovery was quick and 100% of my data was saved to a new hard drive 🙂.

Priscilla Barkas

Payam provided a professional and prompt service in recovering data from my Macbook Pro which had been water damaged. Unlike some other companies, their quote was free and the fee was only payable if they successfully recovered the data.

Terri Bork

Highly recommended. Their service is excellent. They were able to recover all of the ‘lost’ data and on top of that they were able to do it in a very fast timeframe. Thank you so much and we would highly recommend your services.

Claire Sterling

Amazing! We had a corrupted SD card with a month of travel video – they helped us retrieve it all and mailed it to our next hostel. Very professional and service minded personnel.

Phil Carson

My HDD had crashed. I left the HDD in Payams hands expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised when told they were able to recover all the data very quickly which included a lot of photos and Company information. Very friendly and professional staff.

Ruthy Walsh

Excellent service, kept me up to date along the process. Absolutely no pressure to pay unless satisfied. I had wiped nearly 1000’s photos from my Eurotrip and they were able to recover the majority.. very glad I decided to get their help.

Peter Reidy

I have used Payam Data Recovery twice now and both times they recovered all my data, Once when my USB failed and again when my hard drive failed. I was very very pleased and happy. I definitely would recommend Payam.

Shannon Hamilton

Great service. Recovered entire job lost on a failed CF card with fast turnaround. Would happily recommend Payam Data Recovery services


Excellent and prompt service. Not only were they great with my data and recovered all of it – they have great customer service and were always friendly and knowledgeable. From the very beginning I felt like I was in the right hands, and that they were dealing with me in an honest and professional manner.


Had a great experience dealing with Craig from Payam data recovery. They kept me up to date with the whole process and were very quick with there turn around. They were able to recover all my data.

Max Joassons

When I first realized that I had lost all of my photos on the camera memory card I was devastated. Payam Data recovery were professional, fast and delivered exactly what they said and more. I have been telling all my friend about this service.

Teddy Clune

I was so glad my data was all good once I got it back from Payam, Thank you for retrieving my data!

Max Rarates

USB flash drive crushing, Payam data recovery to the rescue. Good job guys!


My life was on my external hard drive and when it wouldn’t open I felt sick! I found Payam on an internet search and posted off my problem. My lack of a back up drive cost me, but I am very thankful that Payam recovered everything.


Great service and end result using wes at Payam. Will recommend and use again if needed!


My experience with Payam Data Recovery was Fantastic!!!! I dropped my iphone a few weeks ago and all data was gone. Brought iphone to Payam and got a call after a few hours saying it’s ready to be picked up. I was very happy!

Emjay P.

Payam recovered important data from a remote research expedition when an SD card split in 2. No other data recovery service were able to recover the data and Payam persevered for months until they were successful. We are very grateful and pleased.

David F.

The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I found their reviews on google and they were very positive. They were able to recover and save my hard drive with the files on it. Thank you! Thank you!

Allen S.

We recently had both our Primary and backup data storage devices dine in the same week, Payam were quick, professional, communicated clearly and stuck to time frames, couldn’t have had a better experience.

Julio G.

Excellent and accurate recovery. Very prompt service. 880Gb of data fully recovered from my crashed HDD.

Leon L.

Crushed my Mac!!! That was bad enough, thankfully Payam recovered all the data on my SSD. Terrific service and a real relief. Cheers Campbell!!

Matt C.

A simple storage device, which had worked faultlessly for a few years, decided soon after our recent office move that it was not going to boot up again. Having allowed our backup regime to fall behind by a few months, this meant a significant amount of important business data was inaccessible. Tech support from unitas manufacturer (when finally available) gave us great confidence the unit could be re-started in various ways but no confidence the data on the drive would survive the exercise. Their recommendation was Payam. of course payam was able to quickly and cost-effectively retrieve all of the data on the disk. However it was the way Craig conducted himself, without a hint of smugness or judgement, that was most impressive. The team at Payam are clearly very knowledgeable and highly skilled in this field, but at no stage were we made to feel ignorant or deficient. The whole process was carefully described, then quoted, and communication all through the exercise was timely and professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending payam, they’re far better at their job than we are at backing up.

Shelly L.

I like the way they stand by their promises they have given me. The costs have been very reasonable. I completely recommend this company to anyone who needs data restoration.

Charles A.

We use Payam to recover data for our clients. They have never failed to deliver results.

Klaus H.

Very easy to deal with and very helpful staff. All my data was recovered.

Sarah M.

My hard drive packed up. Found Payam by recommendation from friends. They did a great job of recovering all my data. Good reminder to me to backup my stuff on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them!

Sheryl J.

An exceptional service, uncompromised quality, excellent customer service and job well done. Highly recommended. Don’t go anywhere if need your data back at any cost. Just use Payam and sit back and relax 🙂

Keep up the good work team

Mudassar Hafeez

Payam managed to recover nearly all of my files, including non-generic formats, after the corrupted HDD was formatted and then another HDD was cloned over the top of it. I highly recommend Payam!

Leon Ure

Payam helped me recover the data on my USB. Kevin at the Brisbane office was wonderful and patient person in explaining everything to me. I am very happy with the service.

Sara Casey

Payam Data are amazing. They recovered the birth of my daughter on DVD. They made my day, It was like winning the lotto. I am ever so grateful for their amazing work. Thank you! Thank you!

James Farina

Thanks for retrieving my holiday photos!

Ashleigh Roome

Just to let you know that my daughter was very happy with the data retrieval from her broken USB thumb drive. She said that at least 98% of the files were OK. There were a small number that were corrupted, most likely the ones that were open at the time that the computer and USB fell on the floor.

She has now made several back-ups! and said to thank you very much. She is very grateful.

Ian Jenkins

I was working onsite and a buckets of seawater was dumping on the deck above flooding my laptop, which had a lot of information necessary for my work. Payam Data Recovery, inspected the laptop and gave me a same day quote. All data was recovered. Very happy with the service though I hopefully won’t require their services again.

Kult Heaton

I knocked over my external hard drive while in the process of backing it up. I took it to Payam and they assessed it and gave me a quote within 24 hours. Once I agreed to the quote I had all my data back within a week. Friendly polite and professional staff.

Luke Jackson

We had a recent hard drive crash on a Linux Server. The data contained images from a weather station located in a remote part of Papua New Guinea for the past 18 months. Kevin and his team were most helpful in recovering the data in full, apart from the minor hiccup where our hard drive caused their PC to start smoking too ! Very professional.

Sundar Rama

Couldn’t have asked for a better service, my hard drive couldn’t be read by the computer technician, he then recommended Payam.  I posted in the hard drive and received a phone call to confirm they had received it, then after only a few hours I received the call to say they could recover the data and gave me a free quote, I opted for the economy service, due to moving house, and was over the moon to hear after a few days that it was successful, they then arranged for the external hard drive and my old hard drive to sent back to me by courier. I would highly recommend Payam to anyone the service was fast, professional and I was keep up to date on progress throughout. Thanks for everything. Amanda

Amanda Scott

My hard disc crashed and I lost everything. I took it to my local computer business that I deal with and they were unable to retrieve any of the disc contents. I had not backed up the disc for the past 8 months or more and had all of my work files as well as family photo’s and important emails that were lost. I sent the disc to PAYAM and they were able to retrieve all of the contents completely and at an extremely reasonable price. I had trouble retrieving one of the hidden files as I have limited knowledge in that area. I rang Kevin at PAYAM and he walked me through the steps that enabled me to access the file and retrieve the information. I found their service, advice and help to be excellent and would  highly recommend them.

Stephen Todd

Payam data recovery has saved my business. I went overseas and when I got back my Nas double hard drives were not working anymore, both of them. I took the hard drives, still in warranty, to the shop where I bought them, but they told me that they could not do anything, than I found Payam data recovery in Perth. In only 3 days I got all my data back up and the staff gave me tips on what to do to prevent it from happening again. Since than I have recommended them to some of my friends and they always came back very happy.

Massimo Papa

I can not thank these guys enough!! i was travelling overseas with a group of friends taking photos on my iphone. Sadly one of my friends lost his life overseas and on the second last day my iphone hardware malfunctioned and my phone turned into a brick, losing all our memories. i went to a shop who said it wasn’t their problem and i will never get my data back. THANKFULLY for the team at PAYAM Data recovery i was able to get back all of my pictures and nearly all the data was recovered from my phone. meant so much to me, such as lovely company always kept me up to date.


My hard drive with all my important personal photos and videos just didn’t boot up one day when I plugged it in, so I took it to a small computer shop a friend said did data recovery quite cheap, I thought if they had no luck I’d go to one of the bigger places. BAD IDEA! The first place couldn’t recover anything and said most likely all my data was lost and as a last resort I could try Payam Data Recovery as they were the best. When I took it to Payam and saw Paolo, it turned out the first place I’d tried had actually damaged my drive further! I was devastated, expecting there was no chance of recovery. Within 10 days Paolo rang me back to let me know they had recovered everything! AMAZING! I was thrilled. I doubt many other places could’ve have done the job they did, they are the professionals, you can trust that they will do the best job possible. Paolo was great to deal with and I can’t thank you all enough!! It’s very obvious to me now to always go to the best place first and not the cheaper option. It’s just not worth it. If your data is important to you – go to these guys!


I dropped my hard drive and it stopped working, it had all my photos and important back ups on there, I sent it to a data recovery company who spent 3 days on it and said they could not find anything on there and that my data was gone!!! not wanting to accept this I found Payam Data recovery and sent it to them, they were able to diagnose why my drive was showing no data and bypass the encryption in a way that allowed them to get the data off they managed to save everything which was a massive relief to me and my partner! the staff where professional and courteous at all times and sensitive to the stress full situation I was in, I will forever be in debt to them for the work they did!


We had a USB that died most unmercifully upon us. I contacted Craig at the Melbourne office who helped us get everything back. Thanks Craig for the good, honest service. Highly recommended!

Amy Hobson

Couldn’t have asked for a better service, my hard drive couldn’t be read by the computer technician, he then recommended Payam. I posted in the hard drive and received a phone call to confirm they had received it, then after only a few hours I received the call to say they could recover the data and gave me a free quote, I opted for the economy service, due to moving house, and was over the moon to hear after a few days that it was successful, they then arranged for the external hard drive and my old hard drive to sent back to me by courier. I would highly recommend Payam to anyone the service was fast, professional and I was keep up to date on progress throughout. Thanks for everything.

Mandy Mcqueen

Our memory card decided to pack it in right at the end of our overseas holiday :S, so we tried an unnamed data recovery company who wanted several hundred $ just to attempt the recovery! We took it to Payam and we had the data recovered,copied to a huge 32gb usb and back to us in 3days for less than 1/2 of what the other place wanted! The service was top notch and we were even given a discount because we were told our card recovery was impossible, turned out the bad news was for another customer. They recovered as much as they possibly could with our seriously stuffed card, and the overall service was much better then I would have expected.


I can only say wonderful things about my experience with Kevin at Payam. Kevin recovered all data on a USB drive – a happy ending. Thank you so much!

Ceasar Levine

My business consists of many training programs which are in PPT format. Being too busy to back up files I was faced with the inevitable when I experienced a major disc crash. Many people I spoke with, both in Australia and in Hong Kong, told me that it was a lost cause to get the information back. Not Payam. They were able to recover almost all of my information and I am incredibly grateful to them for the service they offer. Lesson 1. Backup all data Lesson 2. If the situation does go snafu get in touch with Payam

Geoffrey B

Once the service was completed the follow up has been great and the help in getting to understand what was recovered and what was just system files was very helpful in managing the drive.

Stewart E.

Communication from both Payam and Craig in Melbourne was outstanding; I was kep updated on the recovery via email, voice and text and had the data that I thought was lost back in less than a week!

Sean G.

We contacted Payam data recovery recently following our hard drive crashing. Everything that was quoted was accomplished and we were impressed with their professional customer service. 5 stars!!

Marcos J.

Losing my lecture notes when the USB broke wasn’t a pleasant experience. Finding Payam and knowing that they could recover all my data was a pleasant and satisfying experience. Thank you!

Kathleen M.

Fantastic service from start to finish. Professional, fast and friendly. Thank you for saving us a lot of time, money and heartache from lost files. Kevin, you rock!!

Emily B.

Excellent experience with Payam. They recovered data for me that no one else could. Definitely worth it to recover years of lost photos. Thank you!

Emma B

Lost photos of a holiday broke my daughter’s heart. I formatted the picture card thinking the photos were on her computer. I was given Payam’s number and Kevin retrieved the photos. Kevin was so professional and caring. Thank you so much.

Caryn C.

Payam data recovery are excellent. My USB just stopped working for no reason at all. I sent it to the Laptop manand several other companies, however, none of them could help me get my data off it. I googled data recovery and Payam data recovery is the first web page came up. I liked what I seen and so I sent my USB away and was contacted with great news. payam data recovery recovered all of my files off my usb. The service was excellent. I was updated very regularly, they were quick and super friendly.You won’t be disappointed with Payam.

Fred V.

The service I received from Payam Data Recovery was excellent. We received a quote via email within 24 hours and the repair work was quick and they managed to get all files back. Very impressed!

Ceasar L.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I got from Payam. I saw 4 different companies before them who told me they would not be able to retrieve my lost photos. I was very distraught as I had just been on my first overseas holiday. Payam were able to get every single photo back. I would recommend them to everyone!

Raven V.

Losing data you thought was on an external HDD = bad

Dealing with the fact that you may never get your data back = worse

Dealing with Payam = PRICELESS!!

These guys are the best in the trade.  They are extra-courteous, sincere, honest and best of all they provide TOP value for money. I lost data on a 1TB external disk drive that had two 500GB disks in it.  I didn’t realise the product had hardware RAID, like an idiot I did not enable it and simply backed up data with no RAID!!!

Payam, recovered **all** my data, could not be happier – thanks a lot Payam

Uday Shivamurthy

LIFE SAVER- I foolishly formatted a memory card which contained the birth and first 2 weeks of pics taken of my first born baby boy. Needless to say, I was devastated and very distraught. After a quick internet search I found PAYAM Data Recovery and all the reviews were highly positive. Craig was extremely professional and honest and within 24 hours he had recovered my precious images at a very reasonable cost. Now I can share these special moments with my son when he grows up and it’s all thanks to the know-how of PAYAM. I would highly recommend them in any circumstance where their services may be required. Thanks Craig and if I could add any more stars to this rating I would…

Name withheld

My hard drive stopped working and so I took it to Payam Data Recovery and they were able to get all my valuable photos and videos and info back without any issues. I am really happy and will never hesitate to suggest Payam to anyone.

Paul Luxford

Many thanks for retrieving all photos deleted from an external hard drive. Your staff were calm and efficient in the face of great angst and retrieved a lifetime of memories. Thank you so much!

Name withheld

THANK YOU PAYAM!!!! Our hard drive decided to crash without warning and we stood to lose 3 months worth of MYOB plus all our photos, music and personal documents. I called Payam and from start to finish they were awesome. Great customer service, a really quick process and all for a reasonable price. I called other data recovery businesses but their prices and customer service didn’t stack up to Payam. I totally recommend Payam Data Recovery. THANKS AGAIN!!! You turned a very stressful situation into a manageable one 🙂

Name withheld

After losing my photos on a trip of a lifetime, I was quoted $1700 from a local Canadian company to retrieve my photos due to the complicated nature of my data loss problem. Devastated, I thought my photos were lost forever. After what seemed like endless searches, I heard about Payam through an online blog and sent my broken SD card across the ocean in hopes that they could recover my memories. I chose to pursue the economy service for $300 and immediately began communication with Payam. They were able to recover my photos and have them returned to me in less than the 30 day limit and at the fraction of the cost back home. I would highly recommend this company to anybody looking to salvage photos from a damaged SD card.

Lauren Lime

Payam Data Recovery at North Syd is great. Very professional and friendly service and price is low. Appreciate that they ring to get permission before they take the next step. They take the cheapest option possible. Would highly recommend them to anyone who seek to recover lost data.

Hui T

Fantastic, professional and efficient service. I got a quote for unreadable disk data recovery the next day after delivering disk to the North Sydney Office. The disk belonged to one of my clients which came out of G5 mac and contained all the billing information of my client including outstanding accounts for over $30000 so they didn’t know who to chaise for payments. Sure you can find cheaper services in Sydney or post your hdd overseas but would/could you risk it? In my case the answer was NO so I gave it to the best data recovery people I knew – PAYAM. I was not mistaken. The disk clone would not boot in a Mac due to damage caused by hard drive failing for a period of time and trashing system files but all the accounting data I needed was recovered 100%. Client was very happy and I was very happy too. Don’t risk it. Leave it with Payam.

Piotr Sawi

These guys literally saved my life! I was DJing at Ivy and the dj after me knocked my mac laptop off the stage and into the chlorinated water surrounding the stage (without realizing). It was under water for at least 10 minutes! I came back from the bathroom to see it at the bottom of the moat.

Despite the extensive water damage, these guys managed to recover ALL my data within a month!

Very happy with the fast, friendly, efficient and professional service they provided!! 🙂


I will never be able to thank PAYAM enough for the great job they did in recovering some very precious photos I had accidently deleted. They were very professional, quick and pleasant and kind enough to help me download their disc to my computer when I returned home. These Magic Men are also my heros – I just didn’t believe a recovery could be done. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, boys.


Rohan, Paolo, Greg, Stephen,

Thank you for the excellent work. I can’t thank you guys enough for recovering all my irreplaceable data. Appreciate your prompt reply and communication on every step of the way. Discounts that was offered were immensely helpful financially.

Will definitely recommend you guys if anyone I know needs data recovery.

Name withheld

I was devastated when my local computer shop told me they could not recover the contents of my External HDD. They could ghost it, but couldn’t get the files to open. The young fellow in the shop, after much research myself, gave me PAYAM’s web address and I contacted them in their Sydney office. (much cheaper than everyone else I contacted) They got all of my files back except 1. How good is that……. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with Drive problems!

Karen Boulton-Welc

Coming back from a holiday where I dropped my Iphone 4 with all vacation pics into a pond, I came back and took my phone to PAYAM Data Recovery. Paolo Bileci from Payam was great and told me what needed to be done to retrieve lost data and it was, very quickly as well! Highly recommend this place to everyone!

Alexandra Brescia

The PAYAM Data recovery men are my IT hero’s! l was given a quote within 24 hours and they even took the time to explain to me all my options. After being turned down by 3 other people Paolo Bileci saved the day and did so at a very affordable price! It just goes to show that not only are these men friendly and professional they are incredibly knowledgeable.

Don’t waste your time/effort/money on anyone else PAYAM really are the best in the business!

Janine Sabeh

I was referred to PAYAM Data Recovery by my IT contact and I admit to being delighted with the service and the turnaround time that I experienced with PAYAM. We were quite frantic when we lost our data and our back-up. We have had this occur once before and with a less than satisfactory outcome provided by the previous data recovery company, I was very anxious. I spoke with Payam himself initially and then continued through the data recovery process with the professional assistance of Paolo Bileci.

Paolo was terrific. He kept me informed, he reassured me with his expert knowledge of what needed to be done. Paolo worked to my budget and gave constant, excellent customer service and feedback, throughout the experience. I collected 100% of our data and walked away with the absolute confidence that I would use PAYAM Data Recovery again if the need arose again. I can confidently recommend their services to anyone in need of data recovery experts! Thanks Paolo for turning my anxiety into a smile at an affordable price

Sandy McManus

As a photographer and videographer, my external hard drives are my life! So when one of my harddrives died on me when I was completing a backup- I was a bit of a wreck. I had client’s work on there that I had to recover. After taking it to a local computer repair place, I was disheartened when they told me they could not complete the job. Fortunately, however, they recommended Payam Data Recovery. As soon as I arrived, Craig carefully explained in detail their services and tactics to recover my content. I immediately felt reassured and went home feeling much more positive. Long story short- ALL of my data was recovered and I was able to finish my work! Hopefully I don’t have to see Craig again, but if I do, I know I’ll be in good hands. Excellent customer service and I have no hesitation recommending this business!!


Great service…would have been up S$%t creek without a paddle without Payam…


I am an avid photographer and a mum of 3 little cuties and I mistakenly stored all my photos including our family and baby pics from 2005 till 2010 on a single external hard drive….so you can imagine my despair when I turned it on one day only to hear a loud clicking, clunking sound with an error message on my computer saying there was no readable files! I was desperate and did as much research as I could to find a company that could help me. I knew I only had one shot and recovering anything from the damaged drive, so after much phoning and emailing around I came to the decision that Payam was the only place that had a very high success rate and I felt assured that they could help my situation. Well my intuition served me well because they had success, they were able to save all my files and I couldn’t be happier!! Throughout the whole process we were updated on their progress and our emails were always responded to very quickly. They are extremely professional and my experience with this company has been outstanding! I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in a situation like mine! THANK YOU PAYAM DATA RECOVERY!!!!!


Great price, great service, great business! My work external drive died and Payam recovered all my files and put them onto a new drive for a fraction of the cost I was quoted elsewhere. I took the new drive back to work and spent a day updating and sorting all my job files on the drive. I then left it with another unit within my workplace for them to backup the files to a server. I was totally shattered when they dropped the new drive and stuffed it. I took it back to Payam and they fixed the drive for free. Awesome service! Thanks for your help guys.


I lost very sentimental photos due to a corrupt card. I was quoted $800.00 to recover them by the other data recovery company. Payam did it for 1/4 the price, I couldn’t believe it. They were easy to deal with, kept in constant contact so I knew exactly what was going on, and got the disk to me very quickly. Yay, I thought I might never get those photos back, I’m overjoyed. Thanks guys. If I need help with business data recovery I know where I will be going.

Diane Pain

This mob have saved my life. Had a massive meltdown on my NAS server (fried mobo) that in turn corrupted my operating system. After bringing it online again my RAD5 set was completely stuffed containing years of family fotos, software development, design etc and other important information – Sure I should have had a regular backup done but that was not the case – kicking myself for that and have now taken steps from this ever happening to me again. When I was faced with this mess and realizing this was a job to big for me to take on I started to look into the possibility of seeking professional help by someone with the detailed knowledge of RAD5. I had 8tb striped across four disks and felt desperate of at least recovering the many photos and movies from my children childhood. Started to look around for companies. Got in touch with 5-6 and they all came back with “sorry mate – this is unrecoverable” – These were all companies claiming year and years of solid expertise in the area – none able to assist. A few came back with “unlikely to recover anything but if you insist us giving it a try then it will cost you $$$$$ – non refundable with no guarantees given” – sounded like money for nothing to me. Then while kicking myself in the office a colleague of mine @ commerce mentioned Payam Data Recovery as someone being good that the department used in past. Got in touch with Payam Data Recovery. The discussion were very friendly where Payam gave me some hope of at least being able to recover some of the data. The really good thing from my side where that they would only charge me in the event that they were successful and I were happy with the result. One thing lead to another and after passing on the disks to them where they worked on these for a few weeks I received a message containing a full directory listing of every single file I had stored on this RAID set. Needless to say this made my day. Close inspection of the date revealed a 100% success on the data recovery. Payam have not saved just my day – they have allowed my children to one day look back on photos of their childhood – irreplaceable! They have been very easy to deal with willing to go out of their way to assist me and I would be the first to recommend this mob to anyone facing a similar situation.


Very professional. I rang up a few different places but decided to stop at Payam first because it was quite central (North Sydney) and their price was competitive. The fact that they assured no cost if the data was not recovered was great. All data was recovered and I saved my reputation. Overall a positive experience!

Name withheld

Excellent Service – PAYAM successfully recovered 11 years of photos from my failed HD where others had failed.  Their service was professional and personable and worth every penny.

Reading the other reviews for PAYAM, I wasn’t surprised at the string of praises and 5 star ratings…

Name withheld

got all our business’ data back – yay! can’t ask for more than that.

Name withheld

Great Service, Best Price. My external hard drive stopped working which I was using to backup my work and family photos for years! I searched google for data recovery companies and Payam’s website was by far the most helpful, their services were the best priced and the location was perfect. So I rang Craig and he said to bring in the drive for assessment. After bringing it in I got a mail from Craig the same day to say what the damage was and to confirm the quote. Now that’s service, I was really impressed. Payam recovered all my data within the agreed time. You can’t ask for more than that. I would highly recommend Payam to anyone. Thanks again.

Name withheld

Fast, Efficient, Friendly, Great Service & happy to answer any queries I had. Craig was very prompt with any e-mail queries I had and was happy to take the time out for anything I needed to follow up with. Professional appearance via their website, affordable prices for recovery when compared to other company’s out there and would definately use again if the need arises. Most important of all had all but 10 files totalling a few MB recovered off a 1.8 TB HDD! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a speedy, professional & very affordable data recovery service.

Name withheld

My RAID-5 Server crashed, 2 drives had were clicking. I sent this to 3 other data recovery companies (1 in North Sydney, 1 in Melbourne and the last was a global firm in QLD). None of them could recover the data, after 3 months i had lost all hope. I was heard an Ad for Payam Data Recovery on Radio. Their ad said ‘nothing is impossible!’. After 2 days, they recovered all of my data. I could not believe it. It cost me only $800 (the other companies quoted $2,500-$7,000 which i actually did approved all 3 quotes as i was desperate but none of them could fix the problem! I got all my MYOB accounting files, outlook pst email files and family photos back. Next time i’ll go to Payam 1st! Cheaper and better than the other companies that were just full of crap! Very friendly service, good customer service is hard to find – and their service was flawless! I am very happy, they were better, faster and cheaper than other companies. Well done. I’ll be your walking ‘word of mouth’ billboard for the rest of my life. Thank you for saving my business!

Name withheld

Thanks Payam for saving my bacon–and my budget. I didn’t really have a choice to not recover my data, and all other avenues had turned up a non-result, or a hideously expensive result. As it is, they were able to recover all my data, at a very reasonable price. The staff were fantastic too: incredibly helpful, professional, and supportive in my time of need. Love your work, Payam!

Name withheld

I did a lot of research and called a lot of places , I even took my hard drive to a competitor , they couldn’t do a thing after 1 week and were disorganized at best. I have extremely valuable information on my hard drive and it was the 2nd time this had happened to me. I was stressed and confused by all the options out there , but the best option is Payam Data recovery. They can never guarantee a result but they were hopefully and they retrieved it all and it was a complicated retrieval but they did it. I highly recommend them and their professional team.

Robert Rigutto

Coming back home from an overseas conference trip, the last thing I needed was to be greeted by a non-starting desktop. I was desperate to recover my data, especially my ‘just-completed’ tax return information! PAYAM was recommended by my local IT repair shop as well as by the work IT personnel. It was worth every penny! Service was excellent – fast (within a week), professional and complete (all data was recovered). I highly recommend PAYAM to anyone whose data may have been deemed ‘unrecoverable’ by other IT service providers.


Professional+++, good at what they do, fast efficient, delivery. Lost 10 years of family photos, everyone else said the data was unrecoverable. Highly recommended.

Ade Newie

Very professional outfit. Kept me informed, were prompt in getting back to me and it seems like they enjoy what they do. very satisfied with their service and work.

I will definitely recommend them to anyone that needs their data recovered from dead or defective disks.

Aaron D

I was devastated when my local computer shop told me they could not recover the contents of my USB. It had picked up a virus the one and only time I had used it while travelling overseas and I was told I had lost all of the precious holiday photos that were on there.

A friend recommended I try and take the USB to someone who specialises in data recovery and that is the best advice I have ever taken! Paolo rang me within 24 hours of receiving my USB to tell me the good news. I could not believe he had saved them all, and for such a good price!

The professionalism and quality of service they provide is fantastic. I would recommend them as the first point of call to anyone who is serious about recovering their data.

Ash Sydney

Paolo was very helpful in getting ALL of my data back. A great relief. Although I had a backup I was unsure how up to date it was, so getting everything was an unexpected bonus. I was pleased that my local computer specialist admitted that he was unable to fix the problem and recommended PAYAM. It was good to be kept informed of progress. An added bonus was their service for completely destroying the ‘dead’ hard disk free of charge, if I required. I would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to others.

David Fin

Paolo & his team did a wonderful job on recovering our data. We had taken our computer to another place & all they told us after they took out our hard drive was “it’s broken & we’ve put in a new one & this is how much you owe us”. We thought that’s it we’ve lost everything, but lucky for us the computer place gave us PAYAM’s phone number & that’s the best advice they gave us. We met Paolo & he was fantastic, he explained everything to us in simple terms & kept us informed every step of the way & the price was good, considering what we got back. We would definitely recommend Paolo & his team at PAYAM, as they have provided us with excellent customer service and did what we asked. Mary


I used to work in IT. I’m the guy people (still) come to when they lose their data. I recently did a wedding on a professional SLR, recorded to a compact flash card (very reliable). Somehow, I managed to corrupt my FAT32 partition and corrupt the entire card. I only know that because PAYAM told me. I thought I had busted the hardware – the electronic internals. PAYAM are an honest company, no doubt about it. They charged very, very reasonably considering my circumstances, and they got onto the job faster than they had to. My data was successfully recovered, and my client did not even need to know I had an issue. My reputation is safe because of this company. Rock on.

Name withheld

Professional service and they recovered my data efficiently. I will now always backup every week. My wife recommended Payam because she also had good things to say about them. I would definitely use them again – but I hope I will not have to

Maarten Tentij

That desperate sinking feeling of your hard drive failing can spoil your whole day. Thanks to Payam within a few days I had all my data recovered and back in my new computer.

Phil Heyne

Payam Data Recovery performed an outstanding job they in recovering data from our damaged disk drive. As an organisation, I can say that we were impressed with the speed with which their team responded to our request and the courtesy and consideration extended to our staff. I was particularly impressed with the follow up contact, we received following the data recovery and the offers of assistance, should we need it. It is not often that I encounter an organisation which lives up to the claims made on its web site, but I am happy to say that, in my experience, Payam Data Recovery meets or exceeds all of the representations made on its web site. As a result of the way our incident was handled, I have recommended this organisation to other businesses we deal with and provided them with contact details. I can not think of a higher recommendation.

Name withheld

Having decided to back up my hard drive externally “when I just get these couple of things up to date” Murphy’s Law intervened, and I was left with no access to all my business and tax information. Panic search of Google led me to Payam Data Recovery. A phone call to Craig and an explanation of what had happened left me with SOME hope, so I sent off the recalcitrant drive by express post, and waited for the prognosis with some trepidation. I need not have worried. Craig contacted me very promptly, outlined my options, and within a short time, I had new internal and external hard drives, and access to ALL my data.

I live in a very small town, and when dealing with businesses by telephone I’m accustomed to having to ring several times, be shunted from one person to the next, explain the problem several times to different people, and end up with very little if any satisfactory results, so I particularly appreciated Craig’s promptness, honesty, and the excellent service he delivered. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and his team.

Carol S

Super Service! The team managed to recover ALL of the data on my two hard drives which crashed simultaneously on one weekend. Some of the data was precious photos which are irreplaceable.

Was kept up to date on what was happening and the data was recovered within the timeframe promised. The cost was very reasonable and I’m happy with every part of the process. Well done to Mark and Craig for your excellent service and professionalism – I can and will definitely be recommending your services!

Gary Phau

If you need help to recover files or ascertain what’s wrong , here is where you go , helpful , honest , i cannot say enough , these guys can help with your dumb questions too , i had mine answered! Reasonable cost too , i had to see them a second time for a similar problem with a CF card , it was looked at on the spot and we figured out that my card reader was the problem and advice was given , no charge . The guys could run a help desk if they were not too busy , they are THE experts !!! Do not go anywhere else !!!

Les M

Highly recommend Payam Data Recovery.

Craig was professional and extremely helpful, all of my data was recovered and I was kept informed throughout the whole process.

Don’t think twice if you have a dead drive with lost information, Craig and his team will have it restored with little fuss and at a reasonable price.

Josh Dalt

You get told and told everyday you should back up! yeah yeah my computers fine it wont happen to me. WRONG!!!! 6 years of family photos videos 1000’s mp3, 100’s emails, word docs etc all gone. The guys at Payam were amazingly confident they could get most of it back and they did and then some. Thank You Payam


The details for PAYAM were forwarded to me after my hard drive had crashed on my Sony Vaio workhorse. I took it to Craig at PAYAM and inside two weeks, they had found everything. It was super! It was appreciated and the money it cost, was worthwhile…..more than worthwhile. Thank you very, very much!!!


When you first start researching data recovery it can be pretty scary. My external hard drive with 5 years worth of the whole family’s photos and backups couldn’t be read. I found Payam with a simple Google and liked both the location and testimonials. I sent some screen shots in and then gave Craig a call. Perfectly explained, no data – no charge, could give an exact quote on inspection. I took it in, gave the go-ahead and a few days later (and that was the economy service) I had an email with a list of the files recovered. I now have all of my files for about an 8th of the price of printing all the photos. The service reminded me of how great service should be. Many Thanks….

Name withheld

Ok, so get this! I was asked to take the photos of my sister in law’s wedding. I went to Port Douglas and got some beauties. I had taken special precautions by purchasing a brand new memory card of 16 gb so that nothing would go wrong. I get home with my 2000, count them 2000, photos and as I’m transferring them from the camera to the computer…. it seizes up and I get the rainbow wheel horror child. When it was all over….. GONE!!!! AAAAHHHHH. I googled “HELP lost photos need to retrieve” or something like that, and got reviews of this company. They were close, I went straight over there. I really liked the way they said straight up, $250 and if we don’t get ’em it’s no cost. Cool bananas. Do it baby. Yep. Got ’em!!! Oh Yeah! Heaven. I just wished I’d seen the special $50 voucher they have on this site and it would’ve just been two hunda. We’re talking wedding photos here. RELATIVES wedding photos. IN LAWS wedding photos. Lordy Lordy. This could’ve been like, a major feud fest. I would even say I feel a certain love towards this company. Yes. A kind of love. You know what I’m saying?

Name withheld

I recently lost important data on an external hard drive. I was referred to Payam by my IT department. They had no prior experience of them but sent me their contact details based on website information. I received prompt and kind service. I was listened to carefully, given realistic expectations of the recovery outcome and shown empathy in relation to my frustration. The parking and access facilitated the speedy service. I did not see anyone dressed like the image in the website. I experienced a highly professional service. Strongly recommend.

Name withheld

I have worked as an IT Support technician for over 10 years. I have often been able to recover data for clients. If the drive is able to spin up I can often get data off. But not this time! This drive just crashed with no warning, no slow writes and reads. Just bang and gone. Since the drive contained varieties of information in various states of backup, it was commercially important to try and recover it. The guys at Payam worked their magic and recovered as far as we can tell all 240 GB of files. Payam now provides me with another option for clients who must have that data back. Very professional, very helpful.

Name withheld

Payam is a magician! My network (along with my attached hard drive) got fried in a storm whilst I was away on holidays. I consulted friends that worked in IT and even paid a computer store check my hard drive out and they told me that I’d have to pay them again for a quote to have it looked at by a forensic mob. I did my own investigative work and found Payam through Google. I read all the other reviews, checked out the website and compared it to others I had found. I even mystery shopped several companies by calling over the phone and asking Qs about their services and costs to recover the data. I chose to use Payam and I agree with the professionalism and response times reported in the previous reviews. In the end I got my data and photos copied onto a new hard drive and it cost much less than what some other companies were quoting (try $1K + interstate registered postage!). I can’t thank Payam and his team enough and thoroughly recommend them for data recovery services (although I hope not to have to go through the experience again!). Extremely happy 🙂

Name withheld

“The main board on my notebook computer collapsed while I was working overseas.  It was not able to be repaired.  I was not unduly worried as I knew that I would be able to recover all the data off my hard disk and transfer it to a new computer.

Unfortunately it was not quite as easy as that.  I was able to transfer most of my files but some key files could not be recovered.  It turned out that some files were encrypted and there was nothing that I could do to get access to the data, which included all the files needed to file my BAS return.  A few years earlier, while working on a special contract, my notebook computer had been set up as the master computer in a small network we established so that the others in the team could access our printer.  My computer had had encryption placed on the files to ensure their security.  The encryption was removed when the network was dismantled.  What I did not realise was that the encryption remained on a number of the pre-existing files.

When I returned to Australia with my non-functioning computer, the repairer suggested that Payam might be able to recover my data for me.  I took my hard disk to Payam to see what they could do for me.  A couple of hours later they rang to say that they had recovered all my data, apart from a couple of inconsequential files.  That was wonderful news as I was not relishing the prospect of attempting to reconstruct all my inadvertently encrypted files.  Payam gave me a CD with all the data files from my hard disk and I was able to transfer them to my new computer without any problems.

The recovery process was very straightforward for Payam, as my hard disk contained the encryption algorithm, and they were able to access that algorithm.  I might have been able to do something similar had I been able to find an identical computer to my non-working notebook computer, already an obsolete model, with an identical operating system, and install my hard disk on that computer.  That was an uncertain and highly stressful undertaking, so I was extremely relieved that Payam had a straightforward process to access my encrypted data.

Name withheld

After approaching two data recovery companies and being told in each case, after initial investigation payments were made, that the data was unrecoverable, hope was almost lost as well as the data. Payam Forensic Data Recovery was then mentioned to try. The service from start to finish was exemplary. Most of the data was recovered on essentially an unrecoverable data drive. This was remarkable as the drive has been opened and tampered with from two different companies previously in their attempts of recovery. Without hesitation I would recommend Payam for data recovery, as from my experience they are the company that got the job done, it’s as simple as that.

Name withheld

I am happy to say that Payam saved the day for me and I would recommend them anytime. They managed to retrieve data from a broken hard drive from my new video camera which stopped working half way through my son’s international sporting competition and o/s holiday. I was told by others it probably could not be done but Payam managed to get most of it off for me. They were extremely efficient and kept in contact with me even after I had the recovery disc to make sure it was OK.

Joanne Hansen

My external hard drive simply died, along with about 2 years worth of family photos and some work related records. Found PAYAM on the net. Was impressed by the testimonials. They recovered all of the data without a problem. Easy!! Perhaps more so, however, it is great to know PAYAM exist so that if I have similar issues in the future I am covered. Richard Andrew

Name withheld

I chose Payam Data Recovery based on a recommendation from a friend in the IT industry…I gotta say they were fantastic to deal with! I had an external HD fail at the most inconvenient time, as I had shifted the entire contents of my PC to it whilst I was reformatting. I had family photos, documents and everything, I thought it was all lost. I sent my HD to Payam, with an expectation of a 2 week wait, and the possibility of no result. I was wrong! About 2 days later, I got a message telling me they were about to start on my job…later that day I got a phone call telling me it was finished and all successful ….and back in my hand the next day. Hopefully…I will never have to use them again…but if I do, I’d go nowhere else.

Name withheld

During May 2009 I was attempting to complete my HSC year at school. Being a student who uses a laptop all my work files for the previous 4 years, including the entirety of my Preliminary HSC and what I had so far done of the HSC, were stored on my computer. Hence you could imagine my horror when I attempted to turn on my Laptop only to find it wasn’t possible to access any of my notes. After a month of differing computer technicians attempting to recover the files I was eventually directed to Payam. Within 24 hours I got the phone call saying they had isolated the problem and offered with a quote to move forward, due to the important nature of my files I immediately moved forward and despite not asking for the express service my files were recovered within the week. On top of this Payam then proceeded to sell me and exceptionally cheap and high quality Seagate external hard drive. This has since ensured that not only are all my notes accessible to me but they are also backed up to avoid this problem happening again. – Jack Thorburn”


Name withheld

“My network attached storage recently ceased to be accessible. Among other things it held my iTunes music library and the thought of having to rip all those CDs again was not at all appealing! After spending some time troubleshooting the problem with the manufacturer, they referred me to Payam. The service was friendly and professional and in a matter of days my data was recovered. Their post recovery follow up was also first class in making sure that all was in order and my system was back up to speed.

Name withheld

Our business relies on digital storage and when a drive fails it can cause great concern.  We recently experienced an issue with a drive that was used to store critical client data.  Without hesitation we sent the drive to PAYAM Data Recovery and they have successfully recovered all data and returned it to us on a new drive.  Their communication and service is professional and courteous and everything they promised was delivered.  If we have any future hard drive or data recovery issues they’ll again be my first – and only – call. NextGen Studios.

After my hard drive had crashed i initially thought the recovery of lost data would come easy, but soon found out this was not the case. after months of failed attempts and non return phone calls and emails from some other company’s i heart about payam data recovery through the radio.  the one company i should have dealt with from the beginning, the service and the knowledge the company showed me was great. i am now happy to have 100% of my data recovered and a company i know i can trust if anything had to happen in the future.

After my laptop suffered death by drowning I was scared that I had lost all my work files. Advertisements, stock control forms, rosters, financial records, everything was kept on there. A family member recommended PAYAM as they had done some work for him and he was very impressed. I went In and spoke the them and they had a look for me. That day I had a response that they could get my data back no problems, and for a great price. Their service was very prompt and professional with clear communication throughout the whole operation.I definitely recommend PAYAM for data recovery services and they will be the first that I turn to if it ever happens again. Thanks guys.

A big thank you to Payam for recovering our two hard disk drives completely. We had a server running two mirrored SCSI hard disk drives. We thought we were protected, however both hard drives failed. We tried everything we could to recover the information but had no luck. Our last option was to get the professionals at Payam to recover the data for us and they were able to do this within 24 hours. Payam constantly kept us up to date with their progress and were extremely professional. I highly recommend their services.

Daniel Kolic

One day I discovered that I wasn’t able to open photos and iTunes music from my external hard drive. It had corrupted. I tried a number of downloaded applications that colleagues had used to retrieve data. Unfortunately they didn’t work for me. PAYAM were close by and did a good professional job. They were able to retrieve all my lost data for me.

I had a 1TB HDD with Music and 10 years worth of photo’s…the loss would have been devastating.  I took the HDD to PAYAM and a day later all my data was recovered.  Great service and eager to please.   *** Thank You ***

While our  IT guys were installing my wife’s new work system I asked them to have a look at the home PC that had been performing erratically. They took it away and I  expected to hear back about some minor problem. Instead they said the hard disk had crashed and despite all their best efforts they couldn’t fix the problem. While my wife and I have backup systems for our work PCs we had nothing similar for the home PC. This was not good news. There was a long history of home related correspondence and documents and a large collection of photos taken by our two daughters that were saved on this computer.  Our IT guys recommended Payam, so I took the hard drive over to North Sydney hoping for the best. As it turned out I was not disappointed with Payam being able to recover everything. They put it on an external drive, which is now the backup, and all ended well.

We recently had a disk turn faulty in our 4 Tb striped raid storage.   Consequently, we faced loosing all the data, some of which was irreplaceable.  I found Payam after a Google search and some phone calls to other storage recovery service providers.  Payam was the only one who understood the importance of the data to us.  I sent the whole device to him and could not be happier with the service.  It was fantastic.  He gave me a quote with different options including timeframes from which I could choose – and then he met them.  I guess the ultimate endorsement is that I have sent a second disk with faulty heads to Payam to have the data recovered.   If you need data recovered and customer service is important to you then give Payam a call.

Kalvin Dever

I had ten years worth of family photos, videos, music and general documents on my computer when I recently upgraded.  I had done the right thing and backed all of my files onto an external HDD and then formatted the old drive and gave it a new life as a gaming machine for the kids.  Unfortunately, I plugged the wrong power supply into the external HDD as I went to transfer all the files onto my new PC.  I knew straight away there was something wrong, as the LED didn’t come on and there was that horrible smell of burning circuits.  I had also bought a NAS with the new computer, so I pulled the external HDD apart and hoped to install the drive into the NAS and recover the data myself……of course that didn’t work. I rang every company on the Gold Coast and Brisbane that advertised data recovery (there were alot!) but most of them didn’t recover from damaged drives, while those that did wanted to charge me thousands.  From there I expanded my search and found Payam in Sydney.  To be honest I was wary at first because they were significantly cheaper than most others, but in the end I need not have worried.  Not only did they fix the drive for the agreed price, but they called me back with progress reports….twice….without me hassling! In the end I was thoroughly impressed with their service and their prices.  I would recommend them any day, and while I don’t ever want to use their services again, I would use them above all others.

I thought four years of work, and thousands of beloved photos, had gone down the drain when my hard drive stopped working. I contacted Payam and was immediately at ease. He is highly professional and has the knowledge and confidence to provide a realistic assessment of the situation and yet make you feel positive knowing that whatever can be done will be done. With many corrupt sectors  – Payam and his team certainly had their work cut out for them.  Payam and his team came through for me, as I’m sure he has for many many others. Thanks Payam and team! – Paul

After a water damage incident that all but destroyed my laptop, I was in a complete panic as to what to do.  I was in the middle of writing a postgraduate thesis and feared that I had lost it all, along with with all my photos, research and other various projects I had been working on for the past four years.  I was referred to Payam Data Recovery by an Apple technician, and to my absolute delight (and relief!) they were able to retrieve just about everything off my hard drive!  What is more, they were constantly in touch with me throughout the process with quotes, updates and general courtesy calls.  I’m dedicating my degree to them!  Thanks guys!

When my HDD failed I was in shock thinking “that didn’t just happen, did it?” Everything I thought was worth keeping for the past 10 years was on that Drive.  The guys at the local PC store couldn’t even read the drive, saying “it has some big problems” & suggested I give the guys at PAYAM a call & send them my HDD.  Glad I did! I now have all my data back without losing anything.  Payams communication & personalised service was excellent. If you have any HDD problems these are definitely the guys to call!


I was overseas and away from my backup when the hard disk failed. The local ‘experts’ were unable to restore any data at all – and wasted much time – and had no idea what they were doing. On returning home, Payam was able to recover all of the data for me, and provided prompt and efficient service while doing so, at the stated price without any mucking around.


My company was recently unfortunate enough to have one of our hard disks fail. Unfortunately, this caused our back up drive to corrupt also, and the result was a loss of months of work. Mark and the team at PAYAM successfully retrieved ALL of our precious data, and provided top-notch service along the way. I was thrilled (and relieved) with the result. Thanks for your patience and attention to detail guys

Kane Mcervale

All my personal & work files (6 years worth) were all on my external hard drive, that is until my partner accidentally dropped it. When I went to use it I was not able to read, copy, delete or add files, plus the hard drive was making strange noises which I knew was not good news. I did some research on data recovery companies and called five in Melbourne, PAYAM had the best price and was conveniently located it was also a company whose brand I recognised. Craig was not only able to save 98% of my data but he also kindly spent time explaining everything I needed to know about external hard drives, backup drives etc. – our chat at his office lasted an hour and gave me plenty of useful information to ensure I did not lose my data again. I now have two external hard drives, one which I use regularly and one purely as my backup. Thank you Craig for your exceptional customer service and for saving all my data. Cheers


I am writing to tell you how satisfied I am with the service that you and PAYAM provided.

As you may remember, I had a WD Passport drive that had archived mail files, presentations and documents stored on it.  The drive died during a trip overseas and I was desperate to recover the information. I found your advertisement on the internet and also found some independent references on other forums and blogs as to the quality of work that PAYAM was able to provide.

Costing was visible, nothing was hidden.

From the first phone call contact, to the final pickup, PAYAM provided exemplary service and support.  Email replies were fast, and the phone support was excellent – Craig Nevans is an excellent resource and a real asset in critical situations like this where communication is vital.

At all times I knew the situation with the recovery and the process.  Despite the possibility that the information would not be able to be recovered, you were able to retrieve the documents and mail files and so I am able to maintain my archives and so avoid a significant amount of work and also heart-ache when trying to look for older information.

I would recommend PAYAM to anyone in a similar situation who needs honest, professional cost effective service and support. Thank you again.

Michael Payne

Excellent work achieved without delay.  I thank you.

Doug Smith

I would like to thank PAYAM Data Recovery and in particular Craig Nevans for the recent work they completed on my Dell XPS. Whilst Dell were happy to replace the faulty hard drive they couldn’t recover my data.  Payam was great in a number of areas. They kept me up to date via email and phone calls as the project progressed.  They were attentive as to what was required to be fixed – what data was important and what was not. Their follow up service after the job was completed was greatly appreciated.  The general advice received was also invaluable. The outcome was that all data could be recovered.  An excellent result.


Just a short email to thank you for your excellent technical service. We are a technical Integration company and usually do data recovery for our clients ourselves. When we were unable to recover any data from our clients NAS box we thought it was all lost and sent the drives to you as a last resort, not only did you recover all the data but you did so quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure working with you and just wanted to send a short note to say thanks.

Grant Gittleson

I was very impressed with the service you offered – and in particular your communication throughout the process. You did a great job and recovered all the data from a few drives of valuable information at a price that pales in comparison to the value of the data recovered.


My girlfriend’s hard disk got stuffed without warning and no signs at all, and it froze the computer completely. I had no idea what to do and since she was starting up her own business, she had a lot of critical files on her disk. I searched the web and came across Payam. Firstly, the website was good. They were detailed, and gave straightforward quotes. There was no hidden costs involved. Also, they had the lowest prices across a few other companies that came up in my search, which were charging $1000 and above. I rang them up. They were very professional and very friendly. I sent the hard disk in and within 4 days, I could collect the hard disk (I did provide them with a new one since the old one was completely screwed, but they do sell HDD as well) and they retrieved the data as well to my relief.  I would highly recommend Payam to anyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter HDD failures. But I would say you are in good hands when your disk comes to Payam. Staff are friendly, reliable and competent.

Payam’s service was wonderful, I thought I had lost all my backup but they came to my rescue.


I have used Payam’s services for years and I have never been disappointed.

Kenneth George

Payam recovered almost all my data from an external hard drive – after I had two hard drive crashes in one week. They tried hard but couldn’t do the same for a friend so I know how hard they work to make this happen. In both cases, they were excellent to work with, professional and courteous – how all business should be conducted.

Gaynor Macdonald

We have been using Payam’s services for the last couple of years and have always found them to be highly professional, capable and courteous. They have helped many of our customers recover data that would otherwise have been lost and at a very competitive price. We are extremely happy with their service and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone with hard drive problems. We anticipate using Payam for all our data recovery requirements for years to come.

V Kinetic

This company retrieved my data from a mechanical malfunction of some sort from my hard drive. The hard drive could not be accessed using any computer yet Payam managed to get it all off & onto an external hard drive for me. Using the priority service was extremely prompt & the service was friendly and communicative & I was more than happy to pay the fee based on the amount of work it saved me from having to try & re input etc. Hopefully I do not need their services again but if I do have data recovery issues ever I would deal with them I was that happy with their work

Suzanne Janine

My laptop had crashed and I had all my uni data in the hard drive. I didn’t want to lose this important data and I found Payam. Great service, friendly staff which is well technically informed. My data was saved and the price I paid was also reasonable. Thanks to Payam for the help.


After a major hard drive crash, windows wouldn’t recognise the drive at all. Of course I was between making back ups at the time. Payam managed to recover all of the data on the drive, well over 300GB worth! I haven’t yet found a corrupted file that they recovered. Price was very reasonable, speed was also good. Payam also kept me up to date and shipped the old drive and the recovered data to me via overnight courier. Couldn’t be happier, I hope I dont need to use data recovery again, but if I do I would not hesitate to use Payam again.

Excellent personal customer service. Fixed my 1Tb hard drive quickly, and explained the whole process. If I ever have recovery issues again this will be the guys that I would deal with.


After my 1Tb drive containing Videos of two weddings, Family videos and photos events and irreplaceable data died,. I nearly lost faith in computers.,(Yes this is the drive I backed up the files to). My computer supplier could not recover the files and referred me to PAYAM. Fearing the worst I spoke to Mike and Payam who impressed me with their caring and supportive suggestions offering me hope for a complete recovery of all data. Not only did they achieve this even though the hard drive was completely corrupted but they allowed me to verify that all the files were readable and that I was satisfied before payment was made. A price had been negotiated beforehand with which I was extremely satisfied with. I was contacted by Payam a few days later just to check that I was completely satisfied , with an offer to help if I had any problems. I have no hesitation in recommending their Gold Star service to anyone in similar stressful circumstances. They are Competent Diligent and Caring and as far as I am concerned they are like Intensive Care the save the data and alleviate the stress of the customer. Pardon the pun but you have nothing To looSE See You Next time Mike

PAYAM has again recovered my files and work history within the time frame that i needed them back. I would recommend this service to anyone who thinks that their files are lost forever. Payam’s knowledge and professional service make a distressing occurrence a walk in the park. Cheers Payam.

Aaron Hare

I recently had a NAS server die on me, but remembering Payam’s ad on radio i’ve decided to give them a go. Not only was the data recovered, including literally decades worth of family photos, I was just blown away by Payam’s service and his ability to calm the customers who think they have lost all data. Payam is reliable, knowledgeable and diligent and this is one business that I will strongly recommend to others if they have lost valuable data. Thanks!

Jeffery W

I recently lost all of my photos off my second internal hard drive after having a DVD drive installed in 2 of my computers by a well known company. A friend in the computer industry recommended that I take my computer directly to Payam. I went over that afternoon and spoke to Paul. He went through all the options and prices available to me for the recovery. Although I had gone late in the day, Paul rang me the next day with information on the hard drive. The previous company had not only destroyed my photos but had mixed up my hard drives and connections between the 2 computers they were dealing with. It took a while to trace back where the mix-up occurred but with Paul’s help I finally figured it out and I was able to get the correct drive to him for repair. I ended up with all of my photos back and all the hard drives and connections in the right location. Payam only charged me for the recovery of the damaged disk throughout this whole complicated process. Paul then rang to make sure that I had all the correct information. Many thanks to Paul for all of his help. I always appreciate great customer service and I got it by the bucket loads at Payam.

Taleen M

I found Payam on the internet after my external HDD failed and my IT support at work could not help me out. Craig was very helpful and responded very quickly to my queries. After some tests, all at no charge, Craig informed me of my options. The data I required was urgent and thanks to Payam most of my data was recovered in a timely fashion, at a reasonable price with no hidden costs. I would highly recommend Payam and their services.

A friend in the industry recommended Payam, after my laptop had taken a tumble and sustained significant hard drive damage. Their website was really clear in terms of the process they offered and they gave great control to me in terms of whether to proceed. They retrieved 100% of my data, quicker than they had quoted, and true to budget. Everything about their service was great: response time, clarity of information, customer service interface and the result perfect!

Beth B

Referred to Payam by Streetwise Mac Computer reseller with my HDD failure, and my crucial data with multimedia files was not backed up……. I found the Melbourne Manager Mark Gazzola very friendly, efficient and prompt in his service. Payam initially responded very quickly by email to my website query, and directed me to the St Kilda Rd Office for HDD drop-off. Phone follow-up to me was within 24 hours, and when I visited Payam’s office, the matter was solved rapidly and Mark Gazzola showed me how to access the HDD to enable restoration, all at no charge!! Mark was even pro-active in prevention by suggesting that I organise at least duplicate external HDD back-ups, with both on and off-site storage. Great advice. Highly recommended for data recovery, and thanks again Mark and Payam.

Paul Flood

I stored all my photos on a 500gb external hard drive (a normal pc hard drive in an external casing). At least 2-3 years worth of personal, travel, and assignment photos. When my hard drive broke down, I thought I had lost all those precious memories and assignment work. It was powering up but just made a spinning sound and wouldn’t get recognised by my computer. I quickly jumped online and googled ‘hard drive data recovery’ and called 2 other companies before PAYAM. The other companies weren’t too helpful. Then I spoke with Craig Nevans from PAYAM over the phone. Craig was very helpful and asked me a few questions about what the hard drive was doing when I kept trying to turn it on. Craig then gave me a solution to try before bringing my hard drive in – to connect it directly to the pc as the external power supply in the casing might be faulty. He was spot on with the faulty power supply in the casing. My computer even recognised that the drive was there but the data was not readable. So I called Craig again and he suggested I bring it in for testing. When I arrived at PAYAM, the service from Craig was fantastic. He gave me a breakdown of the whole process, prices and estimate of the time it would take. I also had to be on a plane back to London in a few days. During and after the testing of my hard drive, Craig kept me up to date constantly via email and phone over the next couple of days. He was able to recover all my photos and files that were on my hard drive, all before I had to go overseas. Excellent and professional service from Craig. Thanks heaps Craig! I highly recommend PAYAM Data recovery!!

Ronnie Kinaadman

Thanks Craig Nevans at PAYAM Data Recovery Pty Ltd. I recently thought I had lost a lot of memories (photos) when the external hard drive I was using crashed. I thought I had backed up the photos but when I looked to find the backups I realised that they were not there. I was completely devastated, I thought I had lost the photos of grandchildren, friends, holidays. Hundreds of memories and photos that could not be replaced. I searched the web and found PAYAM in Melbourne. With my hard drive in hand, my husband, daughter and I drove to Melbourne. There at PAYAM we were greeted by the most wonderful person Craig Nevans, the customer service manager. Straight away Craig set our minds at ease, he was sympathetic,very supportive and completely understood our plight. Craig was wonderful to deal with. He didn’t promise the world or that he could recover the data, however we went back home feeling very positive. As promised Craig emailed a few days later, they could recover the data at a very affordable price. A second email followed in a few days to advise they had recovered the data and they would, if we liked, ship the recovered data back to us on a well priced new hard drive, thus avoiding another trip to Melbourne. We were ecstatic to receive this email. I have no hesitation in recommending PAYAM to anyone looking for data recovery. They are the best in their field and wonderful people. If your hard drive crashes, don’t panic contact PAYAM and talk to Craig and the team. Thanks again Craig

Jan Burt

Craig Nevans from PAYAM data recovery I own a recording studio and have had success with PAYAM,i recommend any commercial recording studios, musicians with home studios, Multimedia business etc to use the service PAYAM data recovery in the result of a system failure. Thankyou Craig for restoring my files and preventing my business from incurring a great loss. Regards Mark Belcastro

Cavern S

I recently lost around 850Gb of data on my external hard drive through a crash/corruption, data which consisted of both business and personal data compiled over a period of ten years. I was absolutely devastated when I thought I’d lost it all, because most of it was either irreplaceable or replaceable only through thousands of hours work sourcing it from a wide range of external and internal areas

My computer IT guy in Sydney (A Little Help Computing Services) recommended Payam Data Recovery and whilst one of our businesses is based in Sydney, I live in Melbourne, which is where the disaster occurred. I was very pleasantly surprised when he advised that Payam also had an office in Melbourne, where I met Craig Nevans

Craig was great to deal with, very personable, friendly and efficient, and I am ecstatic that Payam have been able to recover the majority of my data. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending their services!

My company (SME) had a major server crash, which meant all of our data on both server HDD’s was corrupted or lost. We also found to our surprise and horror that our backups hadn’t been functioning properly since a previous server issue late last year- so we only had project and company data up to that point and nothing from November to March. I Googled ‘data recovery’ and went with the reviews I read. I contacted the Payam team who were very professional and efficient from the outset. They gave me a straightforward and honest assessment about the chances of recovering the data, but I always felt they would do everything possible to recover it. Thankfully they were able to recover everything for us…sigh of relief….and we have also established a new back-up policy/test process!! I would have no hesitation in recommending Payam for this service- very impressed.

With so much to do one recent night, I spoilt things by plugging laptop into external hard drive powerpack, and vice versa. The laptop survived, but I lost a lifetime of records on the 640 Gb drive. The local IT guys in Vanuatu weren’t able to help recover any, however my IT friend Terry Carlot recommended sending it to Payam in Brisbane. I contacted them, and from then on, with Payam Greg Gill’s help, it seemed life was worth living again. The data recovery work was done quickly and contact kept up. I appreciated Greg’s manner, the efficiency of data recovery as well as the chance to buy economically a new larger drive to store that data, and the returning the drive to me by the alternative means I requested. Thanks for the good work, Payam.

Joy Wu

My 500GB WD external HDD died and I was horrified to realise that I hadn’t updated my backup copy of my photo’s! Which means I had lost all my personal / holiday photo’s since the beginning of 2010. I did a search on the internet for data recovery places and phoned up three other companies that left me falling off my chair at the prices to recover approximately 300mb of data! (ranged from $700 to $1500). I eventually contacted Payam Data Recovery and was quite relieved to find out the cost of recovery (no hidden fee’s – cost was listed on their website) – especially when they will not charge you if they are unable to recover anything. So really you have nothing to lose. The main staff member I dealt with was fantastic, very professional and assisted me when we were arranging drop off of another external HDD and also pick up of the data – the next day. Great service and friendly staff. Would recommend this company to anyone!

Doc Groves

I am very happy with the service received from Payam. They recovered most (maybe all) the data from from failed my 500gb laptop drive, and provided the service in under 48 hrs, for under $400. Although the full service price was similar to others, I selected PAYAM as they offered a sliding payment scale, meaning that I initially didn’t have to put my hand too far in my pocket with no idea of the outcome. That is- the financial risk was lower. I found the staff helpful and polite on the phone,and at the office, and there was even a follow up call to see how I went. I have recommended PAYAM to several of my colleagues and will continue to do so. My experience was very good. When you balance the cost of recreating/assembling your work, the money was well spent. But it is still no substitute for an effective, confirmed backup. But you probably already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this review!

Adam S

When my 400GB Western Digital external hard drive died, I almost died with it. I had LOTS of photo’s (including irreplaceable photos from when my daughter was born (6 years ago) to now & holiday photo’s, etc..), music, movies, financial and personal documents, you name it it was on there, and I didn’t have copies of them anywhere else. I mean who backs up their back up?! I googled data recovery, and came across a number of companies that promised to try and recover my data – for an exorbitant amount (from $1500 up to around the $3000 mark). Then I saw Payam’s ad. (thank god!) They were central to where I was, and when I called them they were extremely helpful and the price was A LOT cheaper than the other quotes. I dropped into their office with my external hard drive that (Thursday) lunch hour and the technician I spoke to was wonderful. Because of his knowledge, expertise and great customer service I walked out feeling relaxed and more hopeful than what I had been that I would get all my data back. I opted for their regular service, which was meant to take quite a while, but the turnaround was only a few days and before I knew it (early the following week) I had all my data back again! and (for just a little bit extra) all my data was loaded onto a new external hard drive so I didn’t have to do it! I would DEFINITELY recommend Payam to my friends and anyone needing data recovery at a reasonable rate!

My lacie external hard disk drive crashed for no explicable reason after 2 years of constant use. Having an old laptop, i was using the lacie as primary data storage space. So it had all the photos of my two year old from birth to present. i backed it up 6 months ago to a new WD external drive, but 6 months is a lot of photos. I googled lacie drive data retrieval and saw Payam was in brisbane. The cost range was $250 to $2500 so i was terrified that my problem might turn out to be a tough one. i called the guys on monday and took it in. I didn’t have to pay anything up front. By thursday they gave me the news that yes full data retrieval was likely. The cost was only going to be $250 for their regular service!!! i was wrapped. They said regular meant that they would get to it when they could so it could be a couple of weeks (which didn’t worry me). the guys turned it around in a couple of days and i dropped in a new HDD for them to load it up and away i went. 1 very happy customer.

Mark Whitford

Predecessor firm supplied my drive; on data loss they came up in a search online and responded to the enquiry with a competitive price. Supplied replacement drive and recovered data to it.

I called on Payam after I had accidentally reformatted my windows XP computer hard drive and loaded on a Linux partition. WIth thousands of vital files lost I immediately sought quotes from a number of data recovery firms in operating in Brisbane. Payam were the first to respond to my email enquiry and through their email and subsequent phone call gave me the confidence to proceed with them for the difficult recovery task. At all times the Payam staff were very courteous and professional in their dealings with me and were ably to recover virtually all the required data. I have no hesitation in recommending Payam for your data recovery needs.


I had 500+ important (to me) photos seemingly lost forever on a faulty compact flash card. My PC was requesting the card be formatted and my camera wasn’t recognising it at all!

Fortunately, I located Payam Data Recovery via a Google search and after their free quote and assessment of the problem, they were able to recover every single image on the card – for a more than reasonable fee.


I went to Payam after hearing their ad on the radio, the connection on my HDD had broken off the circuit board. They gave me a free quote and within 24 hours had told me they could help. The info I have on the drive is critical for my business and they had recovered 100% of it within a few days. I can now also get the drive replaced under warranty. Thanks very much and should I ever need to use them again I won’t hesitate.

Diver ss

We were referred to Payam after our computer technician was unable to help with a hard drive that had been affected by a power surge. The team were more than helpful, keeping us updated by phone with their progress. Payam managed to recover 100% of the data we had lost and our brand new hard drive was delivered with in the week. Couldn’t have been happier with the price. Fingers crossed we won’t need to use their services again any time soon but we would definitely recommend them!


We lost a great deal of personal family data on an external drive recently. I shopped around for the best price and decided to give Payam a go. The data was recovered faster than I’d expected and for the amount quoted. Better still, I received a call several weeks later to confirm if I was confident that the data recovered was complete and correct.

Zane AL Said

I’d recently crashed my MacBook Pro and thought i had lost all data in my computer. I brought it over to Apple Store and Mac Centric, both of whom could not help me and suggested that I may not be able to retrieve my data anymore. The latter of whom however, suggested that I would need to go to a an experienced data recovery team and try my luck there. I then recalled my sister (having lost all her photos from an overseas SD card that she bought during her Europe trip) bringing her SD card to PAYAM, after many trial and errors through different data recovery team companies in Sydney. They eventually were the only ones able to retrieve her precious photos again. So i decided to take my computer to PAYAM, and within a day I received a more than reasonable quote which i was not obliged to pay a cent of unless i was 100 percent happy with their work. Not only are they an expert at data retrieval, but their customer service is excellent, which is certainly helpful when you are already distressed. PAYAM are an informative, efficient & reliable company, and i recommend them to anyone who needs their computer back on track again. Thank you so much for your help and fantastic customer care.


Recently, one of my barristers’ computer went for a ‘swim’ whilst on holidays. He did not have back up and was quite distressed. I had an IT person have a look and they said it required professional data recovery. I then contacted Payam and sent the hard drive over. A representative rang me back the same day and asked various questions and said I would receive a quote and an idea of the amount of data, if any, that could be recovered. The next day I was contacted and advised that ‘most, if not all’ the data could be recovered and for a very reasonable fee. I was also asked what I wanted done with the defective hard drive i.e. returned or destroyed and if wanted to purchase a storage device or would prefer to provide same. I was able to collect the defective hard drive and storage device within two (2) days of the delivery to them. I am more than happy to recommend PAYAM who provide an excellent, efficient and personalized service to distressed customers by keeping the customers informed all through the process. Thank you once again for all help.


When i discovered my crucial data was ‘lost’ I contacted a I.T technician who said it was highly unlikely that the data could be retrieved but recommended Payam as the place that could most likely find it, if anyone had any chance to?!?….Distressed and desperate I contacted Payam and was calmly talked through the process.Essentially if they couldn’t retrieve the data I would not have to pay all the costs and if they did find the data the price was negotiable based on what work they did. I ventured to their office prepared to offer a blank cheque but was pleasantly surprised with the cost of the quality work, but more so impressed by their exceptional customer service. Payam offered me premium customer service for the economy price and were able to retrieve 98% of my missing data in less than 3 working days. They also very generously copied all my data onto a clean hard drive and posted it free of charge to my workplace.Knowing how stressful this time of year was for me, they took an even more personalised approach and provided the hard drive free of charge. I can’t tell you how easy it was dealing with Payam. Their work is superb , their customer service is outstanding and communication with them was constant and clear. Just the other day I received an email from Payam letting me know that they were available to chat to if I needed assistance working through my recovered data. I have placed their business card at work and have shared the story of how generous and personalised their customer service was, let alone how amazing their work is to anyone who will listen! Please do not hesitate to contact them for help, I strongly recommend their services to anyone who experiences the grief of data loss. Thanks Payam, words can’t express my gratitude for your assistance. I wish you guys all the best in the new year 🙂

Zeina Cee

My data was was lost midnight Thursday night, by Friday lunchtime we had tried everything to regain the media and failed. Then we contacted Payam, we got honest evaluation of the drives within 3 hours of delivering our black box. Payam and Mike then gave us a timetable of when we could expect the box back. To say that we were desperate was an understatement. We were given undertakings on feedback and return of the drives and every single one was met. We received the drives back 5 days later not bad when you have nearly 4tb of Data. We were back editing within 2 hours of return of the material. Great Job and Great service thank you for being as good as you word

S Salgo

When my RAID array failed I was recommended to go straight to Payam. I must say that I experienced some of the best customer service I have ever had. I was most impressed by their flexibility to help me out. Also they did all they could to recover my data, of which 100% was recovered. I wish I knew more people with broken hard drives to recommend to him but in the event it does happen, I will ensure they contact Payam. Bravo.

Ben Stevens

Just want to say thank you for retrieving my data from a very broken USB stick. It had a lot of important information which I would have been lost without. The whole process was easy and I really appreciated all your help. I will definitely let others know about the service. Thank you again

Kelly Andrusko

The guys at Payam know their stuff. They were able to recover crucial data from a damaged usb drive in less than 4 hours

Steve G

I bent a USB stick with a lot of precious data on it. I contacted Payam and they explained very clearly their service, the process and the probability of retrieving the data. They indicated it would take 5 days to complete but I picked it up after 3 days. Great service. Their communication via email and SMS was timely and informative and the result was perfect. A+ for customer service

Scott McGuirk

My USB flash drive broke when my laptop fell off my bed with it connected. They were able to repair it and copy my documents to a new USB flash drive on the same when I asked for their urgent service. They were the only company I could find who could do this on the same day, the others I called said it would take at least 5 days. I even spoke with the boss Payam on the phone before bringing my flash drive in, he made everything sound like it would be OK when I was majorly stressed out when it first happened

Joan Lamb

Inserting my USB into my computer it told me my files could not be recovered as my disk needed to be reformatted. Knowing that the USB contained valuable files I googled where I may go and decided to contact Payam to see if they could recover the files. It was the week before Christmas but I was provided with a quote the same day for the cost of the recovery. My files were returned at the time estimated for the recovery and there was a follow-up a few weeks later to see I was happy with the files recovered. While unfortunately not all of my files could be recovered (which is no fault of Payam) I was grateful for those that they managed to recover. I appreciated the professional service provided by Wes keeping me up-to-date on progress. I would have no problems recommending their service to others

Kathy A

Thanks Payam, for your amazing recovery. I can’t believe that a data out of USB stick that was quite damaged could be recovered in less than 48 hours.
From the beginning of time during the submission of my USB stick, and till you gave me a new stick with recovered data, you guys showed complete100% customer service. Kudos to your team.
No words!
Many Thanks


After a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD got corrupted while I was downloading files to my Mac, Craig and Vinh in Melbourne came to the rescue and recovered 340GB worth of files that I thought I’d lost forever. It was an absolute life saver as these were critical files needed for a video job I’d just completed for an important client and the thought of a reshoot was not something I really wanted to contemplate. The knowledge and customer service was exceptional. I’d recommend Payam in a heartbeat

Niranjan Reddy

I have been using Payam for probably a decade now. They have never been unable to recover data for me. Their skills and customer service are exemplary. Most recent was a SSD that would not detect in bios, previously I have had data recovered from a failed raid 5 array, a fire damaged drive and some other failed hard disks I recommend their service to everybody


I contacted several different data recovery companies when my Raid 0 array failed. Payam responded the quickest, and not only that, provided me with a range of price options. Their lowest cost option was very competitive and quoted an expected completion time of 4 weeks.

I chose their lowest cost option as I was not in any hurry, but as it turned out, Payam recovered 100% of my data in under 10 days anyway. Communication from Payam was excellent, and I was regularly kept updated of their progress and expected completion time. Their staff was friendly and professional at all times.

I found Payam to be very knowledgeable, experienced, and above all, flexible and very customer centric. I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone

Brendan Cheong

Recently I had a Netgear ready NAS bite the dust. A software glitch broke my 4x4TB RAID 5 array and I was scared to have lost the lot. Craig from Payam took on the task of virtually recreating the RAID 5 array and was 100% successful. All of my data was intact as if nothing happened. After supplying him with a 10TB drive. All data was transferred and safely recovered within a few days. I am so glad I found this company. Craig was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Kind, friendly and very professional. Thank you so much for your service and your ongoing advice. RAID is redundancy only, I now have my photos all backed up onto multiple drives and google storage cloud. I cannot thank you enough! Kind regards

Denis Wade

Paolo and Vinh at Payam were amazing. Not only is their skill amazing but their customer service is 2nd to none! I delivered them my water damaged iphone with precious photos from a recent trip, and within a few days they called with good news they’d been able to recover my data. The best thing is how easy they make it. They provided me with a USB with all my files, but also an iTunes Backup file which I easily restored to my new phone with a little help on the phone from AppleCare. Thanks guys I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone who finds themselves in my position. Cheers

Amanda Barnes

After dropping my iphone in water and then it not turning on or charging… I thought I had lost my thousand photos and contacts and everything else my life depended on with that phone. I sent it down to the guys at Payam and after only a few days I got the call to say all had been recovered! I am so grateful! Thanks again guys! appreciate it a lot

Mindy Cole

Vinh & Paolo, a big thank you for recovering all my data lost when my iPhone tried to swim recently. Having no recent backup I was bereft until meeting you. I could not believe your promptness nor that I had so much data hanging in space. You are professional at Payam. Long after the cost is forgotten I have all the information crucial to my existence. Thank you. Tim

Tim Knaggs

I could not give a higher recommendation if I tried, I can’t express how happy they’ve made me!! These people are incredibly friendly and professional, they are your go-to for any damage to your phone, especially water damage which is what I had, A phone that was never backed up, that wouldn’t turn on and was deemed unfixable by other companies… I thought the photos and videos of my favourite people were gone forever, but no, thanks to Payam

Lexie Lloyd

Recovered data from my water damaged (destroyed) Samsung Galaxy S6 3 weeks after the damage occurred. Amazing service

Alex Giangrasso

AMAZING. I was devastated after I was told by other phone shop/s that data was irrecoverable on my phone (3 years of un-backed up memories right there). I wasn’t in a rush (2-3 week expected) but I got a call back from Lachlan in 2 days saying it was all restored successfully. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys are amazing

Alison Wong

Was very surprised they were able to recover all my photos and files from a ocean-water damaged Galaxy Note. Very happy indeed

Joe Saxton

Dropped my iPhone in the toilet – these guys retrieved all my data in 1-2 weeks! Super happy with their service. Very helpful guys


Thought all the photos from my iphone were gone but after having the phone for only a day, Payam had recovered all the data and sent my iphone back. Could not be happier

Audrey Dyer

A huge thank you to Paolo for recovering my severely water damaged iPhone! also the team at Payam was very professional, kind and awesome… so refreshing! After being told by two other technicians that there was no hope… Payam found a way!!! Paolo you must be acknowledge for your tenacious will to find a solution! I now have precious photos of my children and most recently of my newborn, which I thought I had lost forever… Words cannot explain my gratitude and will be forever grateful!! Thank you so much! with warmth

Tia Bates

After taking my broken iphone to two other places and being told that data was completely irretrievable, I then took it to Payam, where they were successful in retrieving all of my data! Definitely take it here first! Great service and very friendly staff. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. These guys honestly saved my life

Desiree Jefferson

I would like to thanks the team at Payam Data Recovery for the help they given us. My phone was water damaged and had gone blank. The photos of my daughter’s birth were on it. Samsung said they could not help me and I got the same response from any other company I engaged. That phone has been in my car for over a year now just in case I could find someone. I was told about PDR and within a week they have extracted. the photos and they are being delivered. I can’t thank you enough. Happy wife, happy life! I will recommend you anytime I can

Harry Montgomery

One happy customer! My wife’s iPhone suddenly crashed and having not been backed up in over a year we thought we had lost all of her photos, videos etc including baby photos of our 3rd child. Apple said there was nothing we could do except try a data recovery place. Payam were fantastic from whoa to go. They recovered all the data and even provided an iTunes backup of the phone. Couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thanks guys

Sam Heylen

Amazing! Were able to recover data from dead iPhone so quickly! So thankful I got it all back. Thanks so much

Kate Roulston

My iPhone stopped working for no reason. Unfortunately, I had not backed it up – the phone contained photos of my twins. I was heartbroken, I thought I would never see those photos again. Payam successfully recovered my data! I will forever be grateful. Thank you so much payam

Philip Balfour

I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery. My iphone was 100% dead, I tried every possible process to wake it up and had been advised by a number of technicians that it was close to impossible to retrieve any data – Payam Data Recovery were successful. Thank you

Jenny Stern

Unbelievable! Got told by apple + 5 other phone repair shops that my data was 100% uncoverable and not to waste my time with it and you guys managed to get it all back no problem! Should have gone here straight away

Troy Williams

A HUGE thank you to Paolo for recovering my severely water damaged iPhone! Also the to team at Payam for their professionalism, kindness and awesome service……so refreshing! After being told by two other technicians that there was no hope……Payam found a way!!! Paolo you must be acknowledged for your tenacious will to find a solution! I now have precious photos of my children and most recently of my newborn, which I thought I had lost forever…. Words cannot explain my gratitude and will be forever grateful!!! I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery Specialists! Amazing!!!

Thank you so much!

With Warmth

Maria Vatos

After spending a lot of time researching the internet on how I could recover data from my Samsung Galaxy phone I come across Payam. Payam received my phone on Wednesday and on Friday I had a call telling me they had recovered my data. I felt like crying at this moment as I was so overwhelmed. I could not have been happier with the service and it was worth every cent been able to get back my Childs baby photos back! Would recommend Payam to everyone 🙂 Thank you Payam


Hi, I went to access some photos from my Samsung S5 and they had disappeared. There were so many of my grandchildren and I was devastated. I did some research and found Payam, and as they were in Adelaide decided to give them a go, didn’t have anything to lose and all to gain. Fabulous, Wes was great, all photos recovered and I am so very happy. Will, and have already recommended you guys to anyone who will listen

Debra Schroeder

I cannot thank these guys enough!! i was travelling overseas with a group of friends taking photos on my iphone. Sadly one of my friends lost his life overseas and on the second last day my iphone hardware malfunctioned and my phone turned into a brick, losing all our memories. i went to a shop who said it wasn’t their problem and i will never get my data back. THANKFULLY for the team at PAYAM Data recovery i was able to get back all of my pictures and nearly all the data was recovered from my phone. Meant so much to me, such as lovely company always kept me up to date


I can’t recommend Payam Data Recovery highly enough. They recovered most of my data from a broken memory card that was in the worst possible condition. In fact, it crumbled when I handed it to Vinh, who straight away reassured me there was hope. And to my amazement, 99% of my photos were recovered a few weeks later. So, anyone out there who is panicking, don’t stress, till you visit these guys. I also want to mention the wonderful service I received from Vinh, who called and emailed me regularly to give me up dates, as to where he and his team were at, in regards to recovering my data. Thank you so much, to Vinh, and all the wonderful staff at Payam.

Sarah Ashley

Wes at Payam Adelaide was fantastic. After being told that there was no chance of recovering data from my corrupted of card from another data retrieval org, Wes promised he’d do his best. The next day, with little hope left, Wes delivered. So grateful!


When my micro SD card broke I thought it was all over and I had lost my photos forever, however Payam managed to not only recover the vast majority of my files intact, but also many pictures I deleted years ago from previous memory cards!!! Very friendly service and the recovery process couldn’t have been easier! Thank you

Neil Diggins

Three other data recovery experts failed to repair my SD memory card but Payam was able to do a chip off recovery which nobody else tried and they got all of my honey moon photos back. My wife and I will never forget you – you are amazing

Frederick Palmer

Dear Wes, During our latest visit to Vietnam and Cambodia I made the fatal mistake of carrying out a request from my Tablet to format my SD card I mistakenly thought that did not affect my CF card. Unfortunately it did and I lost at least 1 day of photographs taken in Saigon. I asked various people if they could be retrieved only to be told by most people it could not be done. However a salesperson at Harvey Norman, Yes there, told me not all was lost as long as I had not done anything with the card but they could not do it nor would he suggest anyone. After some research I found Payam on a google search and with an office in Adelaide I thought why not give it a try. I spoke with Wes and although he would at the time not give me a guarantee he would look at it and let me know what he found. He did so early next day, including a print to show me. I gave him the go ahead and within days I had all my photos back, both Raw and JPG files. The thing that most impressed me was the fact that if I was not 100% happy with the result Payam would not charge me. How good is that!
Thank you Wes Hliniak, Thank you Payam, you both saved me a trip back to Saigon. Come to think of it?
Kind Regards
Henk de Weerd Nairne

Henk de Weerd

My digital camera packed up while on a recent overseas holiday and I could not recover some 900 plus photos. I also made things worse by mistakenly re-formatting the card. Thanks to Payam Data Recovery they systematically and thoroughly retrieved 95% of my images in high resolution thereby saving many precious memories and amazing images. It cost a little but was well worth it. Thank you

Alan O

I was given a 2 GB Olympus memory card purchased new on eBay. Half way through a 4 week trip to the UK, the card stopped working. When we returned home, our computer couldnt read it, so we took it to Olympus to be told it was a counterfeit card. They would have nothing to do with it. We then took it to a forensic computer specialist, who also could do nothing with the card. We came across PAYAM Data Recovery Pty Ltd when doing an internet search. I took the card to the North Sydney Office and was told I would know fairly soon if the photos were recoverable. The card was sent to the Melbourne office and Mark began working on it. He kept me informed about the progress recovering the data. It took longer than originally expected, because not only was the card a forgery, it was only 1GB, not 2 which made a difference in the recovery process. I was very impressed with Marks determination to get the photos and the fact that he would not give up. The time it took was immaterial as I just wanted my photos. I was also impressed that I would be charged a flat fee for the recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend PAYAM Data Recovery Pty Ltd to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Kim Ker

Kim Kerr

I had my laptop stolen and recovered by Police. When I opened it everything has been wiped out. I had a very important manuscript that I hadn’t saved anywhere together with photos of my girls. Someone recommended Payam and told me they were the best. The moment I met Samantha and how she explained in simple words what had happened I knew I was in the right hands. Payam did an amazing job and I was in tears when I found out that they could recover what i was looking for. And above all is the professionalism and human touch of Samantha. I highly recommend it. Thanks PAYAM


I lost all my family photos on my external HD that just died. Payam were so great with communication as I live 4 hours away and had to post it to them. They recovered all my lost photos, very quickly which was great as we were so nervous to think the photos were gone. Very professional service too. Thanks again

Ashley Moghari

I was told “external hard drive devices can easily get corrupted – especially if the hard drive is not ejected correctly” – but, in error, I did this and sure enough my external drive device died!! I went to Apple store where I purchased the device. They said “Sorry, bad luck, the data is corrupted, nothing can be done about it” I was desperate. I investigated Sydney Seagate service center and I tracked down Payam data recovery at North Sydney. I took my device there and within a couple of weeks and after paying a very reasonable cost, all my data had been recovered. Wow!! They achieved the impossible and at every step of the way, they were enormously understanding of my distress and enormously helpful in getting back to being fully operational. Thank you to all at Payam!

Jill Natasi

Payam did a really good job with recovering my files that were in a portable drive that was damaged. Really glad that I entrusted them to do the job!

Christina Tee

I work for a big a bank (not allowed to publish the name) and the only company we trust is Payam Data Recovery. The guys in IT said they saved us a few times when we had a server crash so when my personal external hard drive fell off my desk and hit the ground really hard – I took it to Payam to have a look. The ground was – it was not as bad as I had thought. They got my photos back in about 2 days and it cost $275. I was expecting it to cost $1500+. Really friendly too from the guy at the reception desk – forgot his name, I think it was Mick

Cris Lovelace

Amazeballs! I dropped my portable drive off my bed and I called Seagate tech support desperate for a way to fix it. They told me to call Payam Data Recovery, the only company in New Zealand they authorized and recommended. I’m glad I called. They were super helpful and it worked out a lot cheaper thank I expected.

Adina Sellin

I had a failed 2TB portable drive and required the info from it as I had not recently backed it up. I went to Payam Data Recovery who recovered all my information and installed it onto a new portable hard drive. I was kept informed during the process and everything was smooth.
I cannot recommend Payam Data Recovery strongly enough for any data recovery that you require.

Murray Hobson

I recently lost access to my external hard drive – which cleverly had never been backed up. A lot of data was lost including hundreds of compositions I’d written over the years. My brother recommended PAYAM and I can see why. Fast, free quote, and after accepting the job was completed within a couple of days. The data was couriered back to me on a very well priced new hard drive. I highly recommend these guys, and appreciate the fast service and great communication

Daniel Calabro

About a year ago my younger sister passed away, and a lot of pictures of us were on a hard drive I accidentally put on wrong power supply and burn the PCB. Never really went into recovery, because why should I, is not that it was critical for me. After I lost her, I wanted to recover the images of us as young kids. The website was very clear, and their reviews substantial in my choosing to take my drive here. The team was very friendly and offered great advice. The picture I recovered are worth so much more than I payed. Thank you!

Say Hipson

I got 100% of the data for 15 years from my broken HDD here. Thank you!


Payam provided an amazing service. My hard drive had some extremely important documents on there which had not been backed up recently and it would be very stressful if I lost them. They kept me informed throughout the process, and in the end recovered all of the data I needed. They were very professional and did an amazing job. Thanks Payam!

Penelope Harmon

Required some Data from an old raid setup, the team at Payam are very helpful and efficient, kept me in the loop the whole way through the process. Great service would highly recommend!

Larson Wolters

I just want to thank the Payam team. You guys really took the time to recover all files from my faulty hard drive which has5 years worth of work on it. You recovered almost all of it and I couldn’t be more happy. You kept in contact and always informed me what was going to happen. You guys are amazing, service is amazing! Highly recommended. Thanks again!

Patrcia Hall

Super efficient, reliable, supportive service provided to me with my data 2 TB hdd. I am very impressed with the service and support provided by Payam Data Recovery in particular Leigh and Kane. Leigh provided the best advice and support from Day 1 from dropping in my hard drive, to assessing it and giving me a response within 24 hours (with no charge). To delivering all my data back (which was so important to my business) and explaining every step of the way. I received all my data near to 100% full data and perfection within 6 business days. My hard drive had bad sectors and encryption errors. These guys are AMAZING. I went to another data recovery business prior to meeting Leigh and the team and did not get near the result I was looking for. Leigh and the team at Payam put me at ease that they are able to salvage my data and they did! Definitely recommend them to anybody who needs data recovery and please go to them first as there are no initial consultation fee and they have the best equipment to do the job in efficient time. Thanks guys! With much appreciation Lesley

Lesley Leong

I previously went to other shop. Terrible service and couldn’t retrieve anything off my hard drive. The technician was also very unprofessional and rude. So glad I found Payam as they saved the day! They always gave me updates of the process and retrieved all my important documents

Ellise Myerson

Great service and work! Quick to respond to emails and with the recovery of my data off my hard drive. Would highly recommend and use again

Tori Keegan

I recently had a need to use Payam Data Recovery as my Mac crashed partway through an update and my Time Machine Backup would not mount! It was panic stations all round – years of photo’s, emails and other data that wasn’t in Dropbox potentially erased…
Luckily I chose Payam Data Recovery to recover the data from my Time Capsule. Keith and Payam were brilliant, they were quietly confident from the outset they could get my data back, and they did. Not only did they provide me with all the data in folders I could use, they were able to get the SparseBundle onto another disk – so I effectively got all of my data back. I would highly recommend this company for any data recovery you need. They are professional and understanding of the emotional needs of someone that’s facing a potential disaster. Thank you Payam and Keith, so pleased to have found you

Elly Hurley

My hard drive died and Payam managed to recover all my precious photos. Super quick and great service!! Thank you so much

Roxanne Wiseman

Payam recovered 5 years of my data storage. Thought it was lost forever – Thanks!!

Bill Shaw

After others had a go at recovery of my hard drive but failed I was very nervous, a lifetime of memories could be lost, Payam’s reputation gave me some comfort but the feeling when I saw the first line of their email gave me much elation, We have some good news for you… I guess it can’t work every time but it sure worked for me where others failed. Highly recommend them to recover your treasures if you are in the unfortunate situation I found myself in.

Sandor Kovacs

Very easy to deal with and reliable company. All my work was quoted quickly and accurately, no surprises at the end of the job and they were able to get all of my data back from some very old hard drives. Highly recommend using their services.

Dan Wright

I recover data myself but NOWHERE to the that this company does. These people know exactly what they’re doing. Hard drive failed when accidentally knocked it off table. Drive was cycle clicking and trying to be read. Went onto the official seagate website for a data recovery service. The ONLY Company it found as the official data recovery experts was payam. Payam have just recovered 100% of my data with the exact same folder/file structure with everything as the way it was. How they did it is beyond me but fascinates me and would love to learn what these guys do. Thanks so much again and will recommend any customers drive I would be unable to fix myself.


My HDD died due to firmware corruption. Recovery cost $600. Great service. Easy to reach from the station.

Jimmy Tang

These guys are truly lifesavers! Our laptop hard disk suffered accidental impact and the file allocation table was messed up, tried a few other contractors before and no one could help.
We came across Payam when researching on the web, and sure enough, true to their word, they provided the best service ever. Delivered on what they said they would and all our important data were recovered for a very reasonable cost!

They are simply amazing, couldn’t recommend them enough. Truly the best data recovery team in Australia. Kudos to Mark and the team in Melbourne! Mark is very gracious and helpful. He and his team really make the world a better place to live. I really do mean it. We are really really grateful that there is Payam Recovery Data Centre in Melbourne as I can’t imagine if our data cannot be recovered.

Keep up the good job, Payam! God bless you. A++ Grade for quality and customer service.

Alex Huang

Our hard drive went to sleep one day and low and behold we had no back-up. I took the drive to a local IT shop who advised the hard drive was corrupted and he did not have the technology to recover. Without hesitation he said he was confident Mark from Payam was required. Payam were so professional in their clear communication, likelihood of success and keeping me informed all the way. It took a solid 3 weeks but in the end all data was recovered. We are so grateful for this professional service and the care taken to recover all data from a seemingly dead drive. I am not a technical person, but I know it was a difficult job, but well worth the wait. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark at Payam, but the first recommendation is – BACK UP YOUR DATA!!!

Johann Kelaart

Everyone dreads that moment when a computer of hard disk fails and you need data recovery services. To start with, they are never cheap and you are left wondering if it will be possible to recover your precious data. I am so glad we came here and got everything back. Payam were so profession and prompt and gave great advice. Thank you!


My HDD (WD) was damaged when I copied some big files. I spent $89 fixing it in the local computer store (Palmy), but failed. They told me the disk was totally damaged and cannot be fixed. But the files is really important to me. So I tried it in PAYAM and they solved it, though the fee is a little bit expensive ($690). I am happy with their service.

Gilbert Rousey

A hard drive crash is very stressful, when it happened to me I called up crying and in tears. I was treated with compassion and kindness which impressed me when first calling them. I only paid $440 and got my data back in a few days after another data recovery company told me it was not recoverable and had my hard drive for months. I’m glad I tried Payam Data Recovery before giving up. I have tears of happiness now! lol

Brenda Jason

I called every data recovery company in town when my laptop hard drive crashed, I spoke with the guys at Payam on the phone and he was so helpful. In person they explained everything to men and showed me their prices on their web site. Great customer service and clear upfront prices.

Michael Crichton

Thanks payam , for your amazing recovery . I can’t believe that data could be recovered in less than 48 hours .
From the beginning of time during the submission of my Harddrive, you guys showed complete100% customer service . Thankyou to your team.


I dropped my laptop and subsequently damaged the physical HDD. I was referred to Payam Data Recovery by PLE computers in Wangara, Perth W.A. I dealt with Samantha of the Payam data recovery team in Perth and she was so helpful in explaining the process and costs involved to recover all of the data from my damaged drive. PDR had the data recovered in less than 2 weeks and I’m astonished as to the speed of the recovery and of the professional and helpful manner in which I was treated. I would definitely recommend Payam data recovery for everyone that has any data loss issues


I had a Seagate drive that was a replacement for a different Seagate drive that failed under warranty, also fail after less than a year. I immediately unplugged it, and did some websearching and found PAYAM Data Recovery. I gave them a call, brought my drive down. Turned out the heads had crashed, and it was sent to “The Clean Room” . As the data on it wasn’t desperately needed, but I did want it recovered, I took the slow option. Upon examination, it was the heads, but the platters were undamaged. PAYAM reconstructed the drive and was able to recover ALL the data and put it on a brand new drive.

When I had a bit of confusion about payment/return method, it was explained, I paid and the drive was back to me 4 days after

I have a few static glitches on very few of the media files, but they work. Now, I know not all data recovery jobs have this great of an outcome, but considering what the cost of the loss of data would have been, in time and money to rebuild, it was well worth the cost.

As for “slow” method, my drive was fixed in under a month and returned. Definitely recommend PAYAM.

Sandra Chung

Had a WD mybooklive that stopped working after 3 years. Had about 700GB of data on it. Payam informed me initially that the disk was full of bad sectors and they proceeded to recover all the files. Great job.

Nick Ni

My hard disk crashed and I lost everything. I took it to my local computer business that I deal with and they were unable to retrieve any of the disc contents. I had not backed up the disc for the past 8 months or more and had all of my work files as well as family photos and important emails that were lost. I sent the disc to PAYAM and they were able to retrieve all of the contents completely and at an extremely reasonable price. I had trouble retrieving one of the hidden files as I have limited knowledge in that area. I rang Kevin at PAYAM and he walked me through the steps that enabled me to access the file and retrieve the information. I found their service, advice and help to be excellent and would highly recommend them.

Stephen Todd

I had an old but reliable computer system which I depended on for years, for most of my programming tasks and research work. The processor is a Pentium II 100 MHZ, 8 MB RAM running windows 95 as the main operating system (responsible for booting) together with windows 3.11 for workgroups, with two HDD of 424 MB and 540MB capacity respectively. The two drives C (the master drive) and D were compressed using the MS compression program Drvspace which comes with Windows 95. The compression process yielded 4 drives: C as the master drive, D as the subordinate drive, together with two virtual drives H which is the host for C and G which is the host for D. The system was vigilantly protected and was not connected to the internet. The nightmare started during the completion stages of writing my M.Sc. thesis (the relevant data was stored on the D drive), the system crashed unexpectedly due to a physical problem with the master HDD C comprising some bad sectors. Subsequently the corruption led to the modification of the master disk partition tables, which in turn was interpreted by the BIOS in a manner that led to its failure in finding the system files within the booting sector. Accordingly, the booting process was constantly failing with the message DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER Moreover the data on the four drives was not visible! There was no joy at all, when trying to start the system using a system disk, and when running SCANDISK diagnostics on the C drive, there was the indication that the CVF (compressed Volume File) logical structure is intact, with no bad parts. i.e. the FAT, etc but the directories cannot be accessed, as the drive is dismounted, with the advice to mount the drive through installing Drvspace (already installed). A weak earlier to that event, I heard of PAYAM on the radio with the catching phrase We can recover data that is deemed by many as unrecoverable. Luckily on that day I wrote down their web address. I went to seek PAYAMs services regarding my computer problem. When I first got there, I was given a sheet of paper to describe the problem and list the most important directories to be recovered. I was asked to explain the problem orally as well to a very courteous and good listening member of the team. On that same day I was sent an e-mail by PAYAM, listing and explaining the various methods of advanced software recovery which is on offer, and the agreement terms involved. In few words, the PAYAM team was able to recover the entire data on all drives despite the complications arising from the compression procedure (the data had to be decompressed) and the outdated technology involved. What impressed me the most beside their technical prowess was their quick professional responsiveness to enquiries and questions during the period of recovery. During that duration, I was gravely worried to lose my valuable data, and had many questions and suggestions. A PAYAM team member usually communicated with me through e-mail or by returning my phone call, the very same day I raised an issue or had an inquiry. Moreover, on the recovery day, I had a very pleasant and informative chat with one of the team members regarding the most efficient backup methods and reliable storage devices. I am very satisfied with the result I got from the PAYAM team, I was able to recover data that took many years to collate. and which if lost would have been devastating. I would strongly recommend PAYAM recovery services to all my friends and colleagues when facing similar data recovery problems. I would also recommend them to everybody in need of their services, because from what I experienced, they are simply the best in their field.

N Maurice

Fantastic service – very professional, helpful and friendly … and they retrieved my data!!!

Lynette Lamont

Super happy with the experience I’ve had with Payam data recovery. After years of unrealistic quotes and many people telling me my data could not be recovered I finally have my data back! I would highly recommend Payam to all my family and friends!

Amy Milburn

We are a small computer sales and repairs shop, which uses Payam to recover data from our customers hard drives when our tools and systems cannot. Their service is professional, and the thing I really like is that they kept me informed at all stages of the recovery. Best in class service.”
Interbit Computing – November 2017


Brett Vincent

I am very pleased with my experience. They recovered most of my data and were very friendly and communicative throughout the entire experience. I would definitely return to them in the future but for obvious reasons really hope I never have to

Nicole Watson

A huge thank you to all at Payam! Your customer service was impeccable! You guys really go about and beyond. You kept me up to speed with the data recovery process with step by step emails and phone calls. I honestly cannot thank you enough!

Rosalie Thomas

I had plenty of experience many years ago with he team, but changed between jobs since then. At my job we had a client destroy a ms surface, unfortunately they did not back up any data at all, everything that was potentially lost was business critical.
I suggested Payam and a co-worker called the Melbourne office in a frantic manner. The staff member we spoke to assured us that the service could be done, and if needed, Payam would have staff there working 24×7 to recover this data. All pricing was discussed and clear. After a bit of back and forth, somehow we ended up speaking to Payam himself, he was great! Such a passionate person to be able to answer a phone and speak directly with the customers he supports.
In the end it turns out we were able to turn the device on just long enough to get what we needed, although we didn’t end up needing the service, the entire team at Payam were still cheerful and happy to have spoken to us and be able to provide us with the best possible service. There is no one else in the business I would trust with my data! Thank you Payam and thank you to your team!

Burt Finlen

They rescued my waterlogged data in no time. Great work

Toby Minton

These guys know what their doing. Was just going through life and then was faced with my other half loosing over five years worth of photography plus data, and then have the back up crash on the same night. Payam, Lachlan and the rest of the team persisted, ran multiple recoveries, providing updates on its progress and then retrieving 905 of the drive. Great achievement and great service

Bernard Jones

The relief of hearing the news that most of my data had been recovered was huge! To potentially have lost the first three years worth of photographs of my children’s life was heartbreaking but thank god, these guys managed to save it and I’m so grateful! Super professional and lovely customer service. I felt I was in good hands and I really appreciated the regular updates on how the work was progressing. Warmly recommend Payam!

Maggie Sharp

Great. They helped me out of a spot and were nice to deal with.

Elizabeth Whittle

Couldn’t recommend highly enough amazing results always informing you on the process and just amazing with customer service

Amylee Goodman

After going to other places had a great experience with this company and got regular updates on what was happening and also got all the data back which is fabulous

Andrew Stewart

Very prompt professional and courteous service. Highly recommend!

Jason Whitehead

Highly professional, honest and efficient. would definitely used them again for critical data recovery if needed

Kamal Mikhail


Sam Krix

Very friendly very helpful successful recovery

Annie McIntosh

Very professional and efficient. They recovered important data that other shops could not do

Emma Burnard

Super friendly staff (Vinh) and turned an unpleasant task into an easy, stress-free experience. Would definitely recommend!

Ameera Jade Gorman

Very helpful and well mannered on the phone.

Aaron Garozzo

Have trusted these guys every time I’ve needed data recovery. Will continue to trust them. Stellar service and professionalism

Arthur Rosa

Great service and fast. High success rate on recoveries!

Matthew Perovic

The work was professional, reliable and friendly and kept in touch step by step Would recommend this company to anyone, also you can negotiate payment plans to suit your budget


Very happy with the service!

Marco Albrecht

Don’t go anywhere else- come straight here! quick turn around and reasonable rates. Plus they are happy to send the recovered data to you in the post for a minimal fee!!! thanks a million for saving our kids memories 🙂

Renee Moroz

Quick, efficient kept me well informed at every stage. Great service.

Phil Elliott

Excellent customer service. Reliable team. Wonderful result. Thanks

myfamily important

They made it look all too easy! great service!

Ruby Langsworth

Great communication, great service, prompt. Not much more to say. Couldn’t be happier with results would highly recommend

Jai Robinson

Payam is an excellent service for recovery of data with damaged devices. The staff are professional and service is prompt . The establishment Is geared to customer satisfaction

Pauline Chegg

Quick fast and efficient. Expensive but they are the data experts and I reckon if they can’t recover your data, no one can

Jeremy Shellim

Thank you Payam Data Recovery, thank you Kevin! The only company which is available all weekend. They recovered all of our lost data the same day. We are so happy that we got our world trip memories back. Worth every cent, five stars well deserved!

Thomas J

I cannot recommend Payam’s services highly enough. Lachlan and the team were so helpful, clearly explaining the data recovery process, the costs involved, and managing my expectations every step of the way. The result? The complete recovery of data from an iPhone with a cracked screen that had spent a not inconsiderable amount of time at the bottom of a pool! Thank you so much, Payam

Rebecca Harrison

Amazing company, recovered all my data. Thank you.

Sean Humphrey

Great customer service, and work time. When my sever crashed and looked to have lost my thousands of hours worth of work… They worked their magic and got 100% of my files back! Highly recommended! Great start to the week!!

Angus Keenan

Kane in the Brisbane office is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to. VERY happy with the Services received

Phil Smith

Fast as, all my data back and the cheapest I could find! Also the student discount was super handy. Cheers Payam

Billy Lewis

Very helpful professional service thank you

Jason Vannan

Quality service center, it can be extremely expensive but if you are a business, use no other place these guys are true professionals

Daniel Matotek

Quick turnaround, knowledgeable staff

Jamie Bailey

Excellent fast and friendly help – life saving!

Vinny Chan

I was happy with all aspect of the service

Walker Luciani

Your service were second to none and I couldn’t be happier. I hope I don’t need your services in the future, but in any case, I wouldn’t hesitate to return and to recommend to other people. Keep it up!

James Bomalick

I am a reseller of this company. They do free quotes and have always gotten my clients data back

James Gilbert

Thank for your help. It had been done in a professional manner, quick and fast! My customer was extremely happy as he got back all the data he wanted

Jason Harner

Kane was very helpful and professional

Jay Lesquillier

The service is so professional. Also, they gave me back earlier than they promised. All data comes back, which saves my day


I cannot rate the service provided by Payam Data Recovery highly enough! I have done a few big things in my life, such as getting married and building a house where you would reasonably expect to receive great service, but this exceeded even those!!! Payam are very transparent and upfront about the service they provide and so you can rest assured that they will do everything to get your data back. The emails I received along the way were both regular – so I never had to wonder what was going on – and they addressed every question before I had even thought of it. The shipping and payment process is simple and hassle free. This is a good, honest Australian company and the best at what they do. Thank you Payam for recovering my memories!

Jayne McCabe

Excellent service. Very professional. I thought I’d lost all my files and photos. Everything important to me was recovered. And they’re an Australian company too!


Payam recovered lost information without any fuss, the staff were efficient and professional and kept me informed as to total cost and progress. I would recommend Payam to as the data recover solution to any of my friends and colleagues.

Paul Lock

Not cheap but you get the quality recovery service you pay for.

Dominic – PC Dom

Wes from Payam Adelaide was unbelievable. Explained everything and saved our CF Card containing a video job that we couldn’t replicate. Amazing. The price was spot on and the service level was first class. Thanks so much!! Your saved our data and our lives


Fantastic! Payam assessed the problem, recovered all the missing files within the time frame and was able to get on with life again. Great friendly service.

Bricks Branham

Excellent service with a professional completion of the work. I was very grateful to have my data successfully recovered. I was kept up to date with emails and the overall communication was very good and helped me feel confident in their service. Thanks again!

Matt Colcombe

I was devastated when our hard drive consisting of 3000 photos, including our kids baby photos decided to pack it in. We were told by a friend in forensics, there was only a 10% chance of retrieving them. He asked a colleague for a recommendation & this colleague recommended Payam! Thank goodness! Keith & the team recovered ALL our photos & files!!! I was so overwhelmed I started crying! Thank you so very much Payam, from an eternally grateful & happy customer!


Thanks Payam you saved all my photos and music from the last 16 years. So grateful for your service as I was very upset at the thought of losing these memories. Always backup your backup

Jen H

I cannot rate the service provided by Payam Data Recovery highly enough! I have done a few big things in my life, such as getting married and building a house where you would reasonably expect to receive great service, but this exceeded even those!!! Payam are very transparent and upfront about the service they provide and so you can rest assured that they will do everything to get your data back. The emails I received along the way were both regular – so I never had to wonder what was going on – and they addressed every question before I had even thought of it. The shipping and payment process is simple and hassle free. This is a good, honest Australian company and the best at what they do

Jayne McCabe

The guys did a fantastic job with recovering my data. When I lost my data so close to Christmas, I thought it was going to turn into a nightmare. It was refreshing to see the guys at Payam data recovery make the recovery of my data so easy. They took away all my worries, were honest with pricing, and put me back in control. I hope to never lose my data again, but if by some chance it happens again, I know where to go!! Good work guys!!


Incredibly pleased with the professional and confidential service afforded, honesty regarding what might be achieved and the associated costs, the timeliness of the service, and the outstanding results. Highly recommended.

Karen Wightman

I couldn’t be happier with the work Payam done! I thought I had lost my photos forever and Payam data recovery brought every one of them back!

Amy Favreau

Excellent work achieved without delay. I thank you. Regards, Doug Smith: Modbury, South Australia


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5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

My iPhone 14 Pro Max broke and was stuck in data recovery loop.

After asking for quotes everywhere and doing research for iPhone data recovery in Auckland, I received the most affordable quote and most professional service from Payam.

They were fantastic throughout the whole process and answered all of my questions super quickly and with detail. They also recovered everything, including a complete iTunes backup.

Keep in mind that they will have to look through your photos to ensure that none of the files recovered are corrupted. Highly recommend Payam.

Dominic Fenix
Dominic Fenix

4 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I did send them a hard drive a couple weeks ago and requested them to fix it along side them giving an extra drive that'll have my data on it, they did deliver perfectly, all of my data was restored as requested, be warned if you send them your HDD it goes to Australia for some reason, i can't give 5 star however only for the simple fact that they are asking for near three times the amount they say they charge on their website, with that I'm very unsatisfied, but they do the work, price aside give them a call, because they do deliver 👍they also packaged the HDD in ALOT of bubble wraps in delivery box for protection

Joanne Yan
Joanne Yan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

The most amazing service from these guys. I had tried 2 different data recovery companies and they were unable to retrieve the data without an insane data recovery fee (over thousands). Payam Data Recovery managed to recover everything off my water damaged iPhone and super quickly too. They have a great system that sends updates to your email as well as text messages to let you know what the progress is.

RAID array failed ? NAS Unit not working? We Can help !!!